December 1-15, 2005 Edition

Small Publisher

Poisoned Pen

Gains Ground

Phoenix, AZ/11/27/05—According to an article in the Business Journal of Phoenix, small Scottsdale, AZ publisher Poisoned Pen Press is gaining ground in the publishing world. In September, the company published James Sallis’s newest mystery novella, DRIVE, and sold out its first printing of 3500 copies. And Poisoned Pen has already sold half of the second run of 4,000 copies.

James Sallis, who lives in Phoenix, has written more than 20 books in genres that range from science fiction to poetry, and has a large national and international audience.

“In the complex and competitive world of publishing, where the big boys of the industry hang their hats in New York or Los Angeles, Poisoned Pen is the little engine that could,” wrote Laura Newpoff in the Journal article.

“For the first time last year, the company passed the $1 million sales mark, a figure that should improve by 25 percent when the books close on 2005.”