“Behind The Book from Simon & Schuster,” a new series of videos featuring Simon & Schuster editors and publishers sharing anecdotes, professional insight and behind-the-scenes background on new and upcoming titles is now live, it was announced today.    The videos, which are available on Simon & Schuster’s You Tube channel (https://www.youtube.com/simonandschuster), on its own site, www.simonandschuster.com, and also through the company’s video distribution network, will serve as an extension and a complement to Simon & Schuster’s ongoing series of author videos, offering new and revealing information that can enhance and inform the reading experience. 

            “Behind the Book from Simon & Schuster” is produced by the company’s Studio4 video production facility, and is launching with five videos: 


  • Simon & Schuster’s Ben Loehnen discusses  The Boom by Russell Gold, why he acquired it and some of  the decisions the author had to make
  • Gallery Books’ Lauren McKenna in conversation with  Mary Alice Monroe, bestselling author of The Summer Wind
  • Simon & Schuster’ publisher Jonathan Karp on Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge
  • Peter Borland of Atria describes his own personal journey to the acquisition of  Ruth’s Journey by Donald McCaig, the authorized prequel to “Gone with the Wind”
  • Gallery’s Karen Kosztolnyik rings the bell for Mrs. Poe


“Apart from the author, nobody knows a book as well as its editor, and our ‘Behind the Book’ videos will share with readers some of the inside information and in-house perspective on a book’s path to publication,” said Ellie Hirschhorn, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer of Simon & Schuster.   “With the rise of behind-the-scenes videos, publications like Entertainment Weekly, and author-reader interaction on social media, we’ve seen that there is a large appetite for this type of deep background, and we think that ‘Behind the Book’ will engage and entertain those readers looking for additional context.”  

“Behind the Book from Simon & Schuster” joins other popular video series from the publishing house including “What Are You Reading? (featuring authors talking about the books on their nightstands) and “The Book That Changed My Life”  (featuring authors discussing those books that inspired them. In all, Simon & Schuster videos are regularly viewed more than 3 million times per month.