November 15- November 22, 2007 Edition

RDR Books
Agrees to Delay
Harry Potter Lexicon

NEW YORK, NY/11/12/07–RDR Books, the small Michigan publisher who was about to publish a book version of the popular fan-created website, Harry Potter Lexicon, has agreed to delay the book’s release after J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. filed an infringement suit against RDR.

According to the Associated Press, Rowling fears her intellectual property rights will be compromised if the book is published, and that it would interfere with her plans to write her own Harry Potter encyclopedia. In a news release issued by Warner Bros., Rowling said: “I cannot, therefore, approve of ‘companion books’ or ‘encyclopedias’ that seek to preempt my definitive Potter reference book for their authors’ own personal gain.”

RDR publisher Roger Rapoport has stopped production of the Lexicon until a New York federal judge rules on whether the book violates Rowling’s rights or the copyright of her novel, licensed to Warner Bros. The book was originally scheduled for release on November 28.

The Rowling lawsuit was filed Oct. 31. Rowling sought an injunction blocking publication of the book because it was likely to borrow too heavily from her work. The judge issued an order November 6 barring completion, distribution, marketing or advance sales of the book until further notice.

Rapoport had originally said he would not delay publication, but now says he will comply with the court order.

Rowling’s seven-book series has sold nearly 400 million copies in 64 languages.