November 1-15, 2004 Edition

Prometheus Books

Inaugurates New

Sci Fi/Fan Imprint

Amherst, NY/10/18/04—Prometheus Books has announced the inaugural titles for its new science fiction and fantasy imprint, Pyr™. Pyr’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2005 line will consist of four original novels, one classic reprint, two North American debuts, and a brand-new anthology from a master editor.

The Pyr debut titles are:

The North American debut of John Meaney’s Paradox. Meaney was called “the first important new SF writer of the 21st Century” by the Times, and this novel, the first book of his three-book “Nulapeiron Sequence,” was short listed for the prestigious British Science Fiction Association award for Best Novel in 2001. (March 2005) Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master and multiple Hugo and Nebula winner Robert Silverberg’s 1986 Locus Recommended Novel, Star of Gypsies, a rollicking tale of the King of the Rom and his lifelong quest to return his people to their ancestral home of Romany Star. (March 2005) Sidewise Award and World Fantasy Award nominated author Chris Roberson’s time-and-dimensional travel novel, Here, There & Everywhere. Roberson’s short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, as well as the anthologies Live Without a Net, and The Many Faces of Van Helsing. Famous fantasist Michael Moorcock says of his work, “A talented storyteller, he has a unique ear, a clever eye, an eloquence all too rare in modern fiction,” while Charles De Lint calls him an “author to watch.” (April 2005) New York Times Best Selling Author Sean Williams 1999 Ditmar Award Winning novel The Resurrected Man, a near-future tale of a private police force which investigates teleporter-related crimes, never before published in the United States. (April 2005) Babylon 5: Crusade scriptwriter and Spider-Girl and Tomb Raider comic book author Fiona Avery’s The Crown Rose, a historical fantasy set in the early 13th century during the reign of King Louis IX of France and containing hints of bloodline conspiracies in the vein of such books as The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail. (May 2005) Hugo, Nebula, Sidewise, and John W. Campbell Best New Author finalist Charles Coleman Finlay’s debut fantasy novel, The Prodigal Troll, a tale of a human child raised by a band of the mythological creatures that is both hysterical and moving. (June 2005) World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Award finalist Michael Blumlein’s The Healer, a very literate speculative fiction tale of an offshoot of humanity with the ability to effect miraculous healings that examines the way they are commoditized and mistreated by the larger human population. (July 2005) Former Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine editor and 14 time Hugo Award winner Gardner Dozois’ anthology, Galileo’s Children: Stories of Science vs. Superstition, a collection of stories focusing on the progress of science despite the opposition of religious and political authority. (August 2005)

“We are very pleased with these eight initial titles,” says Pyr’s Editorial Director Lou Anders. “Together, they represent a strong mix of famous names and emerging talents, indicative of both the genre’s rich history and its promising future. With the support of such a powerful collection of authors and works, we are confident that Pyr will be a positive force for defining the science fiction and fantasy of the 21st Century.”

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