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October 15-31, 2005 Edition BOOK DEALS Random House to Publish

Early Capote Novel,

‘Summer Crossing’ NEW YORK, NY/10/2/05—Random House will publish an early, unreleased novel by the late author Truman Caopte this month. The work titled “Summer Crossing”, which Capote claimed he destroyed in 1943, portrays New York socialite Grady McNeil, a carefree and defiant heroine similar to other Capote characters.

The manuscript was discovered in a box of Capote papers and photos by a relative of the author’s former house sitter, who was hired to care for his Brooklyn apartment while he was away in Switzerland where he wrote his famous 1966 novel, IN COLD BLOOD, the subject of a soon-to-be-released feature film.

Capote died in 1984.

Harpercollins Wins

Million-dollar Bidding

War for Indian Novel

New York, NY/10/5/2005—Harpercollins has won what is estimated to be a million-dollar deal against six other publishing houses for author Vikram Chandra’s fourth book. The untitled tale runs an almost unprecedented 1,225-pages and is billed as a Victorian Gothic novel set in India.

Likened to The Godfather, The story portrays organized crime in modern Mumbai and covers religion, politics, money, corruption, family loyalty and betrayal, according to HarperCollins, which plans on releasing the work next year. Chandra also has published three other books, RED EARTH and POURING RAIN, and LOVE AND LONGING IN BOMBAY. He reportedly worked on the novel for seven years.