July 13- July 20, 2006 Edition

Oakes Resigns

As Publisher

Of Thunder’s Mouth

NEW YORK, NY/7/10/06—John Oakes, best known as founder of the independent publisher Four Walls, Eight Windows, has resigned as publisher of Thunder’s Mouth Press and as co-publisher of Nation Books, both part of Avalon Publishing Group. Four Walls, publisher of literary and science fiction, was absorbed by Avalon two years ago when Oakes was appointed publisher of the two Avalon imprints.

Oakes has been quoted in the media as saying that he prefers working with mid-sized independent publishers, and thinks it’s a good time to leave when both imprints are doing well. Thunder’s Mouth Press, Based in New York City, publishes from 60 to 80 books a year focusing on popular culture, science, and current affairs.

Avalon Publishing Group, established in 1994, has grown into one of the leading independent publishers in the United States, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Avalon imprints include Avalon Travel Publishing, Carroll & Graf Publishers, Marlowe & Company, Nation Books, Seal Press, Shoemaker & Hoard, and Thunder’s Mouth Press.

Michele Martin, senior vice president and publishing director of Avalon, will temporarily serve as publisher of Thunder’s Mouth until a replacement for Oakes can be found. She will also act as co publisher with Hamilton Fish of Nation Books.

Oakes plans to stay in the publishing industry.