Jan 14 – 21, 2010 Edition

Lubeck Heads Book Industry Study Group

NEW YORK, NY/AUTHORLINK NEWS/January 13, 2010–Scott Lubeck has begun his new job as executive director of the Book Industry Study Group and will preside over the January 21 BISG board meeting.

Lubeck formerly served as vice president of technology for Wolters Kluwer Health, Professional and Education. Earlier, he served in position with Harvard Business School Publishing, Newsstand, Inc., Perseus Books Group, and National Academy Press.

Dominique Raccah, co-chair of BISG and president of Sourcebooks, made the announcement, noting that Lubeck has the right skills to help guide the book industry through a volatile period. Joe Gonnella, chair of the BISG search committee and a staff member at Barnes & Noble, said Lubeck embodies “a fusion of energy and creativity when working with printed and digital content” that the organization was looking for in a new chair.”

Lubeck succeeds Michael Healy, who left the BISG post in November 2009 to take on the role of Executive Director designate of the Book Rights Registry formed as a result of the still-pending Google Books Search settlement.