October 11 – October 15, 2007 Edition

Holtzbrinck Publishers
Changes Name
to Macmillan

FRANKFURT, GERMANY/10/10/07–Holtzbrinck Publishers announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week that it has changed its name to Macmillan Publishing. The move affects the corporate units of the company’s English-language publishing operations. Macmillan’s parent company Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck will remain unchanged, according to an item in Shelf Awareness.

In the U.S., units that operated under Holtzbrinck Publishers, including executive offices, trade publishing sales, operations, IT, legal, finance, human resources and others, are now called Macmillan Publishing. The distribution operation in Gordonsville, Va., now operates as Macmillan Publishing Services. In the U.S., names of divisions, publishers and imprints will remain the same including St. Martin’s, Tor, Picador, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Scientific American, W.H. Freeman, and Henry Holt. However Audio Renaissance, the audio unit, will change its name to Macmillan Audio.

Macmillan has a long publishing history and operates in some 70 countries. Parent Holtzbrinck recently reacquired the Macmillan name for its English-language publishing operations. and thus creates “a unified worldwide presence” for the publisher. The company recently reacquired the Macmillan name. McGraw-Hill sells and will continue to sell some titles under the Macmillan name for the K-12 school market, and several books using Macmillan name in their titles are sold by other publishers.

According to Shelf Awareness, e-mail addresses with the Holtzbrinck name, will now change suffixes to For example, would become E-mails for Macmillan Publishing Services should go to (for example,

The company’s new website, including bookseller services, is