October 30 – November 6, 2008 Edition

Hachette Merges
Two Imprints
Into New Division

NEW YORK, NY (Authorlink News/10/30/08)–Hachette Book Group has merged two recently-launched imprints into one. Orbit, the sci-fi/fantasy imprint, and Yen Press, the graphic novel line, will now be merged into a single imprint under the Orbit name.

Kurt Hassler will become the only publishing director of Yen Press, with the departure of Rich Johnson, former co-director. He will report to Tim Holman, who becomes publisher of the new division, reporting to CEO David Young. Alex Lencicki has been named marketing director of the new imprint.

In announcing the new imprint, CEO Young said the move “makes publishing sense” and demonstrates the commitment the company has to the two genres.

“Orbit and Yen Press will continue to develop independently. However, as a single division, we’ll be able to combine our efforts in a number of key areas to great effect,” explained Tim Holman.” Both Orbit and Yen Press are publishing in genres that can no longer be considered marginal. It is almost impossible to imagine popular culture today without them. Our challenge is to embrace this change, to be creative and forward-thinking, and to engage with the new audiences that we know are out there.”

Orbit is a leading publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy, with imprints in the UK, US and Australia. They publish across the spectrum of Science Fiction and Fantasy – from action-packed urban fantasy to widescreen space opera; from sweeping epic adventures to near-future thrillers.