Gutenberg Technology, an industry-leading tools creator for multichannel content publishing and distribution, announces a partnership with MPS Limited, a top content solutions provider. As a preferred Gutenberg technology partner, MPS Limited will have extensive access to MyEContentFactory 7.0, a SaaS cloud-based solution that facilitates simultaneous print and digital delivery.

“Publishers are paying to optimize their production costs while speeding up the creation of new digital products. This partnership with MPS Limited will allow our customers to enter the digital arena in a cost-effective, scalable way. It will also provide our customers with highly skilled resources, pained by our staff, to do the job of a full-service provider while maintaining the quality of their content,” said Gjergj Demiraj, CEO of Gutenberg Technology, Inc.

“We are delighted with the strategic partnership that emerged as a result of an important publishing client introducing us to each other. MPS is committed to deepening our partnerships with publishers by leveraging our subject matter expertise, domain knowledge, and in-depth experience with platforms. We look forward to supporting Gutenberg and its customers with the necessary content production experience and scale to enhance their presence in the digital publishing market,” said Rahul Arora, CEO of MPS Limited. The partnership has strengthened the end-to-end e-learning solution envisioned and developed by Gutenberg Technology. With Gutenberg’s technology platform, customers will be able to create, modularize, and publish interactive courses at an industrial level–not just on tablets and smartphones, but also on the print and web.

About Gutenberg Technology

Founded in 2010, Gutenberg Technology offers publishers a cutting-edge SaaS platform that’s revolutionizing the learning experience. We produce unique educational and corporate e-learning services for tablet, smartphone, and the web. All content is split into Learning Objects, then tagged and reused across all delivery platforms. Gutenberg Technology collaborates with organizations as diverse as the French Ministry of Education, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, Cengage Learning, and Roche. Learn more at:

About MPS Limited and MPS North America

MPS Limited is a leading provider of platforms and services for content development, production, and distribution. In the 46 years since its founding, MPS has established itself as a global leader, forging numerous partnerships with the world’s leading publishers and platforms. MPS Limited hosts facilities in Dehradun, Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, and Chennai in India, and offices in Orlando, Portland, Durham, and Effingham in the U.S. MPS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of MPS Limited, and provides full-service editorial, design, research and permissions, and production services to the educational publishing market. MPS is widely respected for its expertise in developing turnkey solutions for print and online products.