April 1-15, 2005 Edition

GOP Strategist Matalin

to Head S&S’s New

Political Imprint

NEW YORK, NY/03/28/05—Republican strategist Mary Matalin, also the wife of Democratic consultant James Carville, has been selected to head a new, as-yet-unnamed, conservative political imprint at Simon &Schuster.;

The publisher plans to begin in 2006 to release about ten books per year. David Rosenthal, executive vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster’s adult trade division, called Matalin “a distinctive voice in politics.”

Simon & Schuster joins other major houses such as Penguin Group USA and Random House, Inc. in establishing conservative lines. Washington D.C.-based Regnery Publishing, with its long history of conservative publishing, has recently published a number of bestsellers, probably prompting other big houses to beef up their own conservative political publishing.

Matalin, who served as assistant to President Bush during his first term, will work out of Washington. She is already contemplating titles for the new imprint and expects to announce some of her initial choices within several weeks.