November 26 – December 3, 2009 Edition Google Settlement Inches Toward Resolution

NEW YORK, NY (AUTHORLINK NEWS, November 23, 2009)–A final hearing in the Google settlement has been set February 18 by Judge Denny Chin. At that time, Chin will hear arguments to determine whether the agreement is “fair, reasonable, adequate.” Chin has already given tentative approval in the case, but will make a final ruling in February.

A January 28 filing deadline is set for the court to hear objections to an amended agreement.  Only objections to the amended agreement will be allowed by Chin.

The new settlement keeps the same structure, but makes a number of changes, including adding more pricing options to address concerns about potential price fixing, and clarifying what sort of services Google can offer related to digital books.

In the amended deal, foreign companies have been added as plaintiffs, including Harlequin, Melborun University Publishing, and The Text Publishing company.

The Justice Department has said that it is reviewing the revisions and that its investigation into the settlement is "on-going."