November 8 – November 15, 2007 Edition

Florida Publishers
Experience Upsurge
In Spanish-Language Books

MIAMI, FL/11/6/07–South Florida publishers are experiencing a boom in demand for Spanish-language books and translated works, according to a report in the Miami Herald. The article notes that as a result of the growing market, the 2007 Miami Book Fair International will devote an entire day to a forum on the translation market for industry executives, international authors and editors.

”Miami is the biggest market for our books in the country and the area where we can find the most skilled professionals–editors, translators, sales people, all kinds of professionals, and everybody speaks Spanish,” said Silvia Matute, director of the general books division for Santillana USA. Matute said Spanish as a language has become more fashionable. More immigrants are holding on to their language than did newcomers of 20 or so years ago, contributing to higher sales in Spanish-language books.

In recent years, translations have grown ”in both directions,” building the business overall, according to the article.