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February 15-28, 2005 Edition GENERAL NEWS Indy Publisher

Johnny Temple

Wins Bass Award

Washington, DC/05/03/05—The Association of American Publishers (AAP) announced today that Johnny Temple, Publisher of Akashic Books, has been chosen as the second recipient of the Miriam Bass Award for Creativity in Independent Publishing. The award will be presented on March 4 in New York at the AAP Annual Meeting for Smaller and Independent Publishers.

The award, given annually, was created in memory of Miriam Bass to honor her many contributions to the book publishing community and is co-sponsored by AAP, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, and National Book Network (NBN). It carries a $5,000 cash prize, which is fully funded by Rowman & Littlefield and NBN.

A judging committee representing a cross section of the industry selected Mr. Temple in recognition of his extraordinary success in publishing and marketing Hairstyles of the Damned, by Joe Meno, which was chosen by Barnes & Noble for its “Discover Great New Writers” program. Hairstyles of the Damned is the first title in Akashic Books’ new “Punk Planet” series, which will focus on the lives and interests of punk-oriented youth and are designed to appeal to that audience. Mr. Temple, a rock and roll musician with a passion for “urban literature,” proved to be the perfect publisher for the book and expanded the audience for Meno’s work significantly.

Members of the Award Committee are Peter Burford (Burford Books); Marcella Smith (Barnes & Noble); Ron Powers (Ingram Book Group); Tom Dwyer (Borders); John Whitman (Turtle Books); and, before her departure from Publishers Weekly, Nora Rawlinson.

Pat Schroeder, President and CEO of AAP said that Mr. Temple’s award “celebrates the special vision that allows a creative publisher to connect a book with its perfect audience.”

Mr. Temple said, “This is such a wonderful honor, and I feel greatly indebted to the AAP and its evidently adventurous judging committee. Credit for what we have accomplished thus far must also be extended to phenomenal indie publishers like Seven Stories, Soho, 2.13.61, and others who bent over backwards to help Akashic find its footing in our early days. And Dan Sinker at Punk Planet Books deserves equal praise for the success of Joe Meno’s fantastic novel.”

Jed Lyons, President and CEO of National Book Network and the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, said, “Miriam Bass was someone who loved and inspired creativity in other people. Her amazing gift for eclecticism would have helped her spot Johnny a mile away. Congratulations to him from Miriam’s former colleagues here at NBN.”

Nominees for this award may be engaged in any area of book publishing provided their publishing house is independent. The Award Committee judges consider a company’s extraordinary creativity over the past year in any publishing role, including editorial, marketing, sales, finance, or production. Last year’s winner, Alexander G. Skutt, President of McBooks Press Inc., was nominated by his staff and received the award in recognition of his creative leadership in handling a crisis that might have crippled his publishing house when his distributor went bankrupt.

The Association of American Publishers is the national trade association of the U.S. book publishing industry. AAP’s approximately 300 members include most of the major commercial book publishers in the United States, as well as smaller and non-profit publishers, university presses, and scholarly societies. AAP members publish hardcover and paperback books in every field and a range of educational materials for the elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets. Members also produce computer software and electronic products and services.

Indifest Announces

Call For Entries

2/1/05—Indiefest, Film Festival & Market, is pleased to announce their 2005 call for entries. Indiefest celebrates the “vision without compromise” spirit of the independent filmmaker. Incorporating a competitive film festival, a screenwriting contest, an independent film and script market, and a ten day party, Indiefest brings the world’s film community to the beautiful city of Chicago. Indiefest 2005 is scheduled to take place July 29th though August 7th.

Indiefest 2005 will showcase the best of independent film to the general public, filmmakers, the media, and to distribution executives. With more films, events, seminars, parties, and the increasing support of major corporations, the media, and the independent film community, Indiefest 2005 will be the “must attend” festival of the year.

Indiefest is eager to showcase emerging talent, therefore there are no strict eligibility requirements. There is one major requirement: films financed or produced by major studios or their affiliates are not eligible. Films and videos of all lengths and genres will be accepted. Screenplays, scripts, novels, and short stories will be accepted into the writing competition, which is presented by the renowned Screenwriter’s Project.

The deadlines for entry are as follows: First Look Deadline: February 1, 2005; Early Deadline: March 1, 2005; Regular Deadline: April 1, 2005; and the Late Deadline: May 1, 2005. Additional information and application forms can be obtained at or send a SASE to Indiefest, PO Box 148849, Chicago, IL 60614-8849.



Scholarly Presses

Washington, DC/02/08/05—The Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP) of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) today announced that Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood by Steven Mintz, published by Belknap of the Harvard University Press, has been chosen to receive the R.R. Hawkins Award for the Outstanding Professional, Reference or Scholarly Work of 2004.

The award will be presented on Tuesday, February 8th at a special awards luncheon during the PSP Annual Conference in Washington, DC. In addition to the Hawkins Award, which is named for the former head of the Science and Technology Division of the New York Public Library, awards will be presented in over 25 categories for outstanding books, journals, and electronic products covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

Noting that “promoting and encouraging the dissemination of scholarship is one of AAP’s primary missions,” AAP President and CEO Pat Schroeder extended the Association’s congratulations to Steven Mintz, Belknap, and all of the award recipients. “Being recognized for excellence is always an honor,” Mrs. Schroeder said, “but when that recognition comes from your peers the honor is truly significant.” The award winners in each category were selected for their unique contribution to scholarly publishing and are considered by our panel of judges to be the best of the best for 2004.” The award winners were chosen by an eight-member expert panel consisting of librarians, academics, and working publishers who are themselves former academics.

Information on the Hawkins Award winner and a complete list of the winners in all of the categories is attached.

2004 R.R. Hawkins Award Winner

Steven Mintz’s Huck’s Raft, the first comprehensive history of American childhood, places children at the center of the events that shaped our past. Colonization, the American Revolution, slavery, the Civil War, westward migration, the Industrial Revolution, foreign immigration, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the Civil Rights movement take on fresh meaning when viewed through the voices and experiences of children.

No previous scholarly volume has examined the diverse facets of children’s lives across the entire expanse of American history. Here, readers can discover how childrearing, children’s health, schooling, play, toys, and literature, changed over time. Children’s experiences in orphanages, reform schools, and factories, fields, and mines come to life in the book’s pages.

Huck’s Raft is distinctive in its sustained discussion of the diversity of children’s experience by class, gender, race, and region; its analysis of the shifting pathways to adulthood; and its emphasis on children’s agency. Huck’s Raft demonstrates that throughout American history children have been active agents who have served as a cultural avant-garde that has repeatedly transformed American values.

Drawing on a wealth of letters, diaries, and other first-hand accounts, Huck’s Raft provides essential historical perspective on topics that have absorbed public attention: Whether children’s well-being is declining; whether television and consumer culture have stunted children’s imagination; and whether children are growing up faster than in the past. The volume corrects nostalgia-laden images of childhood past, and lays bare the ways that American childhood has changed–for better and worse–over the past four centuries.

About the AAP PSP Awards

The PSP Awards are given annually by AAP’s Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division to acknowledge excellence in book, journal, and electronic publishing in all the disciplines represented by professional, scholarly and reference publishing. The awards are open only to members of the AAP / PSP Division.

A complete list of recipients, including honorable mentions, can be found on the AAP PSP website at

For additional information on the PSP Awards Program please contact Barbara Meredith at 212-255-0200 ext 223 or Sarah Williams at 212-255-0200 ext 226.

2004 AAP PSP Awards Winners

R. R. Hawkins Award

Title: Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood

By: Steven Mintz

Publisher: Belknap of the Harvard University Press

Architecture & Urban Planning

Title: Color in Three-Dimensional Design

By: Jeanne Kopacz

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Honorable Mention: Hagia Sophia, 1850-1950: Holy Wisdom Modern Monument – University of Chicago Press. By: Robert S. Nelson


Title: Christopher Wilmarth: Light and Gravity

By: Stephen Henry Madoff

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Honorable Mention: Cezanne in the Studio – Getty Publications. By: Carol Armstrong and Deborah Gribbon

Biography & Autobiography

Title: The Heretic in Darwin’s Court: The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace

By: Ross A. Slotten

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Biological Science

Title: Sea Turtles: A Complete Guide to their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

By: James R. Spotila

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Honorable Mention: Assembling the Tree of Life – Oxford University Press. By Joel Cracraft and Michael J. Donoghue

Business, Management & Accounting

Title: Strategic Investment: Real Options and Games

By: Han T.J. Smit and Lenos Trigeorgis

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Honorable Mention: Applied Mergers and Acquisitions – John Wiley and Sons, Inc. By Robert F. Bruner and Joseph R. Perella



Classics and Archeology

Title: The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis II: The Classical Building

By: William B. Dinsmoor and William B. Dinsmoor Jr., Edited by Anastasia Norre Dinsmoor

Publisher: American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Honorable Mention: Late Roman Spain and Its Cities – Johns Hopkins University Press. By: Michael Kulikowski

Clinical Medicine

Title: Inborn Errors of Development: The Molecular Basis of Clinical Disorders of Morphogenesis

By: Charles J. Epstein, Robert P. Erickson, and Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Honorable Mention: Textbook of Arthroscopy—Elsevier. By: Mark D. Miller and Brian D. Cole

Computer and Information Science

Title: The Success of Open Source

By: Steven Weber

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Honorable Mention: Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation – Elsevier. By: Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys


Title: The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know about America’s Economic Future

By: Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Scott Burns

Publisher: The MIT Press

Honorable Mention: Growing Public: Social Spending and Economic Growth since the Eighteenth Century – Cambridge University Press. By: Peter H. Lindhert


Title: Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice

By: Edward L. Paul, Victor A. Atiemo-Obeng, and Suzanne M. Kresta

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Geology & Earth Science

Title: Nature: An Economic History

By: Geerat J. Vermeij

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Honorable Mention: Beyond the Stony Mountains: Nature in the American West from Lewis and Clark to Today – Oxford University Press. By: Daniel B. Botkin

Government & Political Science

Title: Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia’s Surplus Male Population

By: Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea M. den Boer

Publisher: The MIT Press

Honorable Mention: A New World Order – Princeton University Press. By: Anne- Marie Slaughter


Title: Landon Carter’s Uneasy Kingdom: Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation

By: Rhys Isaac

Publisher: Oxford University Press

History of Science

Title: Bicycle: The History

By: David V. Herlihy

Publisher: Yale University Press

Honorable Mention: Conserving the Enlightenment: French Military Engineering from Vauban to the Revolution – The MIT Press. By: Janis Langins


Title: Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law

By: Martha C. Nussbaum

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Literature and Language


Mathematics and Statistics


Medical Science

Title: Strong Medicine: Creating Incentives for Pharmaceutical Research on Neglected Diseases

By: Michael Kremer and Rachel Glennerster

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Honorable Mention: Vaccines: Preventing Disease and Protecting Health – Pan American Health Organization. By: World Health Organization

Multi-Volume Reference / Humanities

Title: The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

By: H.C.G. Matthew and Brian Harrison

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Multi-Volume Reference / Sciences

Title: The Internet Encyclopedia

By: Hossein Bidgoli

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


Title: The Reasons of Love

By: Harry G. Frankfurt

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Physics and Astronomy

Title: Uncorked: The Science of Champagne

By: Gérard Liger-Belair

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Title: Dr. Dolittle’s Delusion: Animals and the Uniqueness of Human Language

By: Stephen R. Anderson

Publisher: Yale University Press

Honorable Mention: On Apology – Oxford University Press. By: Aaron Lazarre


Title: The Jewish Century

By: Stephen R. Anderson

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Honorable Mention: American Judaism: A History – Yale University Press. By: Jonathan D. Sarna

Single Volume Reference / Humanities

Title: The Encyclopedia of Chicago

By: James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating, and Janice L. Reiff

Publisher: University of Chicago Press.

Single Volume Reference / Sciences

Title: The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America

By: Peter H. Adler, Douglas C. Currie, and D. Monty Wood

Publisher: Cornell University Press

Honorable Mention: Flowering Plants of the Neotropics – Princeton University Press. By: Nathan Smith, Scott A. Mori, Andrew Henderson, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, and Scott V. Heald

Honorable Mention: Dictionary of Engineering Materials – John Wiley and Sons, Inc. By: Harald Keller and Uwe Erb

Sociology & Anthropology

Title: The Human Fossil Record: Volume Three, Brain Endocasts – The Paleoneurological Evidence

By: Ralph L. Halloway, Douglas C. Broadfield, and Michael S. Yuan

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

Honorable Mention: Appalachian Folkways – Johns Hopkins University Press. By: John B. Rehder

Best New Journal (Any Category)

Title: Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals

By: Hugh Genoways

Publisher: Alta Mira Press

Honorable Mention: IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics – IEEE/ACM. By: IEEE