November 5 – November 12, 2009 Edition

Company Sues B&N Over Nook Design

NEW YORK, NY/AUTHORLINK NEWS/11/03/09–Barnes & Noble is reportedly being sued by Spring Design for infringing on the design of its Alex e-book reader, according to the website Electronista. The company claims it had been confidentially working with Barnes & Noble since spring of this year, and alleges that B&N ‘stole’ the idea, and announced its nook reader without notifying Spring Design in advance. Spring Design says it has been in the process of obtaining patents for its two-screen reader since 2006, well in advance of the launch of the nook.

The Alex and nook readers share similar e-paper displays at the top of the device and a color touch-screen at the bottom for navigating the e-book library. Both designs are based on Android and were announced within a day of each other.

Barnes & Noble would not comment on the charges. Spring Design has not revealed a dollar amount for the law suit, but Electronista says Spring is eager to settle and “move forward together” with Barnes & Noble