October 2 – October 9, 2008 Edition

Borders Publishing
To Release Grisham
and Donaldson’s Epic

ANN ARBOR, MI/09/30/08—”Bedlam South,” a historical novel about the Civil War and the chaos and uncertainty it unleashed on the lives of Southerners, has been published by Borders under its State Street Press imprint. The book will be available beginning Tuesday, Oct. 7 exclusively at Borders and Waldenbooks stores, as well as on A collaboration between Mark Grisham, the younger brother of bestselling author John Grisham, and his lifelong friend David Donaldson, “Bedlam South” examines the significant toll the war took on the mental health of everyday citizens as they lived with the constant threat of losing their families, freedom and even their lives.

The story begins in 1863, as Dr. Joseph Bryarly leaves England to return to America and head Wingate Asylum, a hospital for war criminals and the mentally insane. When he arrives in Virginia, he launches into his own personal war as he attempts to overthrow Captain Samuel Percy, a cruel, cold-hearted Confederate who has taken charge of the decrepit asylum—known as “Bedlam South”—and begun terrorizing its inmates. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, 17-year-old Zeke Gibson from Mississippi joins his brother Corporal Billy Gibson on the front lines. In the midst of heavy fighting at Gettysburg, they are separated. Each fearing that the other is dead, they embark upon separate journeys that bring them to the brink of insanity as they contend with the horrifying brutality of the war and unwittingly become entwined with the fate of Dr. Bryarly.

“‘Bedlam South’ is historical fiction at its best. There’s something for everyone in this book — vivid battle scenes, romance, tales of redemption and characters whose compelling stories haunt you long after you’ve finished the book. We’re proud to bring this book to our customers as part of our exclusive publishing program,” said Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing Rob Gruen.

Borders will host Grisham and Donaldson in a series of bookstore signings in October.

Lifelong residents of Mississippi, David Donaldson and Mark Grisham have known each other since grade school. Following high school, their schooling took them in separate directions. David attended Memphis State University and earned a Ph.D. from Trinity Seminary. Mark attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, where he played football and majored in history. When they returned to their hometown, the two decided to try their hands at writing a novel together. Mark’s love of the Civil War and southern history, combined with David’s fascination with psychology and mental health, led them to write “Bedlam South.” They have recently completed a second historical novel that is set in the deep South, as momentum for the secession was building.

The authors will donate a portion of their proceeds from “Bedlam South” to Impact Missions, a non-profit ministry that provides care to needy children and families. Donaldson is the CEO/president of the organization and works as a clinical counselor specializing in biblical marriage and family counseling. Like many charities, Impact Missions has been hit hard by the slumping economy. Grisham said, “Whatever success we have with this book, we want to help this dedicated charity. I can’t think of a more worthwhile cause than helping kids.”

“Bedlam South” will be featured in front-of-store displays at Borders and Waldenbooks stores nationwide and promoted through an online marketing campaign, which will include a feature in the Borders “Shortlist”— the retailer’s weekly e-mail for its Borders Rewards® loyalty program members that includes information from expert buyers on hot titles, as well as discounts and special values. There are over 28 million Borders Rewards members. Upon its release, the book will be discounted 30% off its list price of $24.95.

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