July 15-31, 2004 Edition

Author House/1st Books

May Be Subject

to Class Action Suit

GARY, INDIANA/07/09/04—The law firm of Robert L. Lewis in Gary, Indiana (219- 944-2755) is reportedly soliciting participants for a class action law suit against 1st Books Library, which recently changed its name to AuthorHouse.

The law firm is gathering information about AuthorHouse/lst Books possible failure to provide services or products for which writers have already paid. The potential suit would seek damages for deception, misrepresentation, and fraud. No one from the law firm was available for comment to Authorlink at press time.

AuthorHouse/1st Books, based in Bloomington,Indiana, is a print-on-demand publisher primarily serving self-published authors. The company has been in business since 1997 and only recently changed its name to AuthorHouse.