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Tara talks with Authorlink

editor-in-chief Doris Booth

about the new MTV Books

series for teenaged girls.

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An AUDIO interview with new novelist Tara Altebrando
On her first teen novel, The Pursuit of Happiness

(MTV Books/Pocket March 2006)

Teen fiction is hot! Teen girls do like to read,but they are selective. They know what they like and won't read just anything. They want to read about people like them and their friends or people they wish were their friends. MTV Books, in conjunction with Pocket/Simon & Schuster, launched its new teen line in March 2006 with four books. One of the first four is THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by Tara Altebrando, who also writes adult novels under the name Tara McCarthy.

The teen book focuses on an aimless twenty-first century teenager, reeling after her mother's death. She is working at a historic village when she discovers new friends, new loves, and the courage to forge her own path.

Here, Tara talks to Authorlink about how she came to write for the MTV line and the everyday struggles and delights of being a published author.



  -Doris Booth




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