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An Authorlink Exclusive AUDIO Interview
With Ron McLarty, actor and author of The Memory of Running and Traveler

March 2007

Readers and reviewers alike raved about Ron McLarty's poignant debut novel, The Memory of Running. Now, he returns with a heart-wrenching tale called Traveler (Viking, January 2007), the story of a fifty-something part-time actor and bartender living in Manhattan and specializing in one-hander (one-character) plays performed in run-down theatres.

In addition to reaching bestseller status for The Memory of Running, Ron McLarty is known for his appearances on television, including recurring roles of Judge Wright on Law and Order, sex therapist Dr. Talley in Sex and the City, and others. In film, he was nominated for Best Actor for the A.C.E. Award for his performance in Disney's Tiger Town, and he has appeared in a number of feature films and plays.

For Ron, the road to publication has been a long and difficult one. In this exclusive Authorlink AUDIO interview he shares insights about what kept him going in those dim hours and of the inner rewards of being a novelist and a creative being.

—Doris Booth