An exclusive Authorlink VIDEO Interview with Katie Gilligan
Associate Editor of Thomas Dunne Books
July 2008

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Length: About 15 minutes

Thomas Dunne Books

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Kathleen Gilligan, Associate Editor at Thomas Dunne Books, a division of St. Martin's Press, acquires women's fiction and nonfiction for the New York publisher. Authorlink talked with her in June 2008 at the Central Valley Writers Symposium in Madera, California.

Kathleen (Katie) Gilligan has been an acquiring associate editor at Thomas Dunne Books for four years. A native of Ohio, Katie graduated from Columbia Publishing Course and was mentored by Thomas Dunne Publisher Peter Joseph. She now acquires about seven or eight titles per season (roughly 20-25 books per year). When considering a project to acquire, Katie looks for strong characters and a unique voice. "If you can make me laugh or cry in the first few pages, you have me hooked, providing the rest of the story holds up."

–Doris Booth

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