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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview with Kate Medina

Random House Vice President and Editorial Director
Celebrating the 100th birthday of James A. Michener with the re-release of The World Is My Home

February 2007

America's beloved novelist, the late James A. Michener, would have turned 100 years old on February 3, 2007. Organizations across America are planning commemorative events this month to honor his work.

The last editor to work with this gifted and complex man was Kate Medina, now Vice President and Editorial Director of Random House. In this AUDIO interview, Kate provides touching personal insights into the man who led many lives. Orphaned at an early age, he truly made the world his home. The Pulitzer-prize winning author wrote more than 40 books, both fiction and non-fiction, many of them bestsellers. Among his best-known works are his debut book, Tales of the South Pacific, which won the Pulitzer and was adapted into the smash musical by Rogers and Hammerstein. He even wrote James A. Michener's Writers Handbook (Random House, 1992), which remains relevant for the writer today.

This month, Random House will re-issue his memoir, The World Is My Home, in paperback. Kate's remembrances in this interview draw us closer to the man as traveler, citizen, and writer.

Kate Medina has served at Random House for 21 years. As vice president and executive editorial director she edits an impressive list of today's literary greats, including Tom Brokaw, John Irving, Anna Quindlen, E.L. Doctorow, Robert Colls, Elizabeth Berg, and Sandra Day O'Connor. She has edited all of James Michener's works since Caribbean (1989), about 15 of the 40 books he has written.

—Doris Booth