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Corinne talks with Authorlink

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An AUDIO interview with Corinne O'Kelly wife of the late Eugene O'Kelly
Author of Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life (McGraw-Hill February 2006)

March 2006

When Eugene O'Kelly discovered he had only a few months to live, the former CEO of one of the country's Big Four accounting firms, wrote a poignant and provocative memoir. With startling intimacy, O'Kelly plays out the final parts of a life cut short at age 53, and leaves behind an inspirational work for family, friends and other readers.

O'Kelly died of an inoperable brain tumor that left him little time for debate on treatment or procedures. But it did give him room for reflection on what mattered to him most. After a self-possessed lifetime of measuring commitment in hours and time and predictability, he now discovers that his commitment to the task of dying is about something completely different. Instead it is measured in depth and presence. O'Kelly devotes himself to living in the present moment while arranging a series of talks and walks to say goodbye to those around him.

His wife, Corinne, talks to Authorlink about what it meant to Gene and those around him that he left this written legacy: CHASING DAYLIGHT. He died September 10, 2005.



  —Doris Booth





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