An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO Interview with Edward Rutherfurd author of the New York, The Novel
(Doubleday 2009)
December 2009

New York, the Novel, Edward Rutherfurd
New York, The Novel
(Doubleday 2009)
ISBN: 9780385521383
BookBites (Audio Interview)
Length: About 29 minutes


Edward Rutherfurd, bestselling author

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Master historian Edward Rutherfurd weaves a grand, sweeping drama of New York from the city's founding to the present day.

This engrossing saga showcases Rutherfurd's ability to combine impeccable historical research and the ability to tell a story. It is a book that millions of Rutherfurd's American fans have been waiting for. A brilliant mix of romance, war, family drama, and personal triumphs, it gloriously captures the search for freedom and prosperity at the heart of our nation's history.

In this interview, Rutherfurd talks in depth about his motivations for writing the book, the obstacles he faced in writing the 862-page work (it took him about ten years to finish), and how he balances his personal life with that of being a bestselling author, both in Europe and America.

–Doris Booth

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