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An Authorlink Exclusive AUDIO Interview With Sandra Worth
Authorlink contest winner and now published author
Including the first of two forthcoming novels from Penguin

April 2007

Sandra Worth attributes her first-place Authorlink award in 2000 with her first real break at becoming a published historical fiction author. Sandra won first place in the Authorlink competition that year with her novel, The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny, an award she says gave her the courage to pursue her publishing dream.

The book, part of The Rose of York trilogy, was first published by small press End Table Books, and includes Fall From Grace and Love and War. All three books involve Richard III, the infamous 15th Century King of England, often called Shakespeare's villain. Sandra's careful research shows Richard in a new light–not as the murderous King everyone supposed, but as a man who reluctantly accepted the crown in 1483 and saved his country from civil war.

These books have since led to several awards and a two-book contract with Penguin Putnam. The first of Penguin's titles, Lady of the Roses, will be on book shelves in 2008.

In this exclusive AUDIO interview with Authorlink, Sandra talks about her ten years of historical research and a seven-year struggle to break into a major publishing house. She gives insights into what has sustained her along the way and into how it feels to be a published author.

—Doris Booth