An exclusive Authorlink VIDEO Interview with the author of
Do They Know I'm Running
(Ballantine/Random House March 2010)
May 2010

Do They Know I'm Running, by David Corbett
Do They Know I'm Running
(Ballantine 2010)
ISBN: 9780812977554

BookFlix (Video Interview)
Length: About 20 minutes

Acclaimed author David Corbett talks with Authorlink's Doris Booth about his latest novel, DO THEY KNOW I'M RUNNING. He provides a passionate look at the impact of immigration on individual lives and of life without loyalties, and the borders within ourselves. He also discusses a writer's obligation to tell the truth, and talks about how he structures his powerful novels of suspense.

In DO THEY KNOW I'M RUNNING, Roque Montalvo is wise beyond his eighteen years. Orphaned at birth, a gifted musician, he’s stuck in a California backwater, helping his Salvadoran aunt care for his damaged brother, an ex-marine badly wounded in Iraq. When immigration agents arrest his uncle, the family has nowhere else to turn. Roque, badgered by his street-hardened cousin, agrees to bring the old man back, relying on the criminal gangs that control the dangerous smuggling routes from El Salvador, through Guatemala and Mexico, to the U.S. border.

David Corbett is the author of three critically acclaimed novels: The Devil's Redhead, Done for a Dime (A New York Times Notable Book), and Blood of Paradise, nominated for the Edgar and numerous other awards. Visit his web site:

–Doris Booth

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