The Master of the Prado by Javier Sierra

The Master of the Prado
Javier Sierra

Atria Books

Madrid in 1990 is an exciting place for journalism student Javier Sierra.

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“Part novel and part study guide with excellent color plates . . .”

Not only does he have his college studies and work with a respected magazine, he has access to the world-famous Prado Museum. An aficionado of Renaissance art, he visits the museum to view the works of the great masters of the era, and there encounters the elderly Dr. Luis Fovel. 

Fovel’s knowledge of Renaissance art is deep and profound. Over the course of weeks he draws Javier into the world of artists such as Raphael, Da Vinci, Titian and Penni, and explains the hidden messages, mysteries and meanings within their works. Just as mysterious is Fovel himself. Javier begins to wonder at his mentor’s origins and reasons for haunting the Prado. Behind the kindly doctor’s manner seems a nervousness that manifests at times. Together with his fellow student and increasingly close friend Marina, Javier tracks down an ancient book recommended by Dr. Fovel, The New Apocalypse, written by Amadeo of Portugal and once on the forbidden list. For an old and now forgotten book, it seems to be drawing a lot of attention. As they explore the mysteries of the art and Dr. Fovel, Javier and Marina unexpectedly find themselves in real peril. 

In The Master of the Prado, Javier Sierra has brought a strong narrative to deep research into Renaissance art, the artists and their mysteries. Part novel and part study guide with excellent color plates, this book is for anyone who wishes to explore the engrossing world of Renaissance art.


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews