The Map of Chaos by Felix J. Palma

The Map of Chaos
Felix J. Palma
Atria Books

The Victorian world’s obsession with death and the afterlife leads to a plethora of spiritualists and mediums seeking to make a living out of those wishing to speak to the dead. 

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“. . . a narrative that grips and entertains.”

A séance given by renowned medium, Madame Amber, is attended by a select group, not all of whom are who they seem to be. The principal aim of the séance is to allow a desolate man to contact the spirit of his deceased lover. What happens on that fateful evening goes far beyond what anyone expects. A strange and terrifying force is unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, and it takes a gathering of well-known characters to stand between Earth and its destruction. 

The bumptious H. G. Wells, his intelligent and perceptive wife Jane, their shy friend Lewis Caroll, and the wise and resolute Arthur Conan-Doyle become involved. In spite of their many talents the challenge is a fierce one. With every new revelation they feel their grasp on what is real – and what isn’t – becoming shaky and uncertain. Yet they must strive to find a way to end the threat to the universe and reunite two lovers parted by death. Only the strange handwritten Map of Chaos seems to offer hope. With disaster staring them in the face, can the heroes perform the miracle in time?

In The Map of Chaos, Félix J Palma brings a deft touch to a rich and convoluted story that breathes life into the world of our Victorian ancestors. Characters real and fictional are woven into a narrative that grips and entertains. A great read for anyone interested in the Victorian world and the steampunk genre.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews