The Last of the Stanfields

Marc Levy

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London, England: Eleanor-Rigby Donovan’s family life is fun, yet when she receives an anonymous letter it upsets everything. The letter writer alleges that thirty-six years ago Eleanor-Rigby’s late Beatles-loving mother Sally-Anne once led a completely different life. There are hints of other secrets that encourages Eleanor-Rigby to follow the trail, although her father and her two siblings are either against the idea or lukewarm at best. It seems her mother wasn’t the only member of the family keeping secrets.

…an outstanding author in the genre

A second letter gives her a rendezvous in a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. There Eleanor-Rigby meets George-Harrison Collins, recipient of a similar anonymous letter that hints to the identity of George’s father. Uncertain of each other at first, they join forces to unravel the mystery. Together they uncover a story of love, betrayal, and a shocking crime connected to the illustrious but extinct Stanfield family of Baltimore. Did Sally-Anne really walk away from a fortune? Why did her love affair with George’s mother end so suddenly? As they close in on the truth and the mysterious letter writer, Eleanor-Rigby wonders if she truly knew her mother, but the greatest family secret of all lies in wait for her and George-Harrison.

The Last of the Stanfields is a deftly written and colorful tale of family, the secrets they keep from each other, and the possibility of redemption, all woven together by a rich and intriguing thread of history. Marc Levy is an outstanding author in the genre.