The Emerald Sea

Richelle Mead


The Glittering Court’s a private academy dedicated to schooling young women in Osfridian etiquette. No accomplishment is neglected in the quest to turn out graduates polished in the art of attracting rich husbands in the new colonies of Adoria. The highest accolade the school can bestow is the Diamond, and Tamsin Wright is determined to make that grade because the Diamond has her pick of the best suitors. Tamsin has a poor family back home to take care of, and her ultimate goal’s a good life in Adoria for her secret, illegitimate daughter, Merry.

However, nothing goes to plan. A tempest during the voyage to Adoria blows her ship off course. Shipwrecked far from civilization, the Glittering Court castaways are surprised and relieved when the ferocious native Icori and Balanquan peoples prove helpful. The girls find themselves as refugees in the puritanical community of Constancy, where the Heirs of Uros help the castaways out of religious duty, but their lifestyle isn’t one any of the girls relish. Only Jago Robinson, trader extraordinaire, is the bright spot in their new, drab existence. Tamsin and Jago fall in love, although she remains fixed on her goal. Tamsin has to reach the colony capital of Cape Triumph, but dirty deeds are afoot. Who is stirring up trouble between the races by attacking outposts around the colonies and why? Tamsin is caught up in a conspiracy that threatens all she holds dear, and her determination and ability to get things done are tested to the limit.

…blends excitement, romance and a dash of The Scarlet Letter in a real page-turning story

The Emerald Sea blends excitement, romance and a dash of The Scarlet Letter in a real page-turning story that’ll have the reader rooting for Tamsin, Jago, and the girls of the Glittering Court.