Sweet Lake By Christine Nolfi

Sweet Lake
Christine Nolfi

Lake Union

Linnie Wayfair comes from a family with a long, illustrious history. The Wayfairs virtually built the town of Sweet Lake, Ohio. Their inn played a major part in the town’s economy.

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“Love, redemption and believable characters . . .”

For generations the family had but one child, always a son, to inherit the inn. Then came an aberration. The current Wayfairs have a daughter, Linnie, as well as a son, Freddie. Her traditionalist parents love Linnie, but they anticipates the day when Freddie inherits the inn – until he absconds to Hollywood with most of the inn’s cash.

Wayfair Inn falls into near bankruptcy. Local businesses close as Sweet Lakes’ economy tanks. Freddie’s name becomes mud in the town, especially with the Sweet Lake Sirens, an eccentric group of women whom Freddie wronged in spectacular fashion. It falls to Linnie to get the inn back on its feet again, but it takes all her energy. She has little time for personal matters, even the mutual attraction she shares with local attorney Daniel Kettering. Thanks to Linnie’s efforts the inn has turned the corner and will be profitable again – but then Freddie reappears. Linnie is infuriated with her movie tycoon brother, yet she loves him, too. Is Freddie back to claim his inheritance? Why is Daniel involved with Freddie’s legal business? When Freddie embarks on a charm offensive to win over the town, Linnie has trouble dealing with it all – until the Sirens intervene. Through them she learns Freddie has a secret, one which could change everything. Is he seeking redemption, or does he have another motive for returning to Sweet Lake?

Sweet Lake is a charming tale of the complexities and dilemmas of family and small-town life. Love, redemption and believable characters fill the pages. One for readers of good contemporary fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews