Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson

Daniel H. Wilson

Vintage Books

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“Entertainment and warning all in one . . .”

In the not-too-distant future a vicious no-holds-barred war between humans and machines rages for three long years, engulfing the world until nowhere is truly safe. At last Archos-14, the mastermind behind the robot uprising is destroyed and most of its machines along with it. Those machines that aren’t eradicated become free in their own right, are usurped for humanity’s cause, or else lie dormant. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and returns home. The war’s over – or so they think.

Another machine sentience lurks in hiding during the conflict. With humanity’s guard lowered it emerges and sets about its goal – the total destruction of mankind and every robot and machine that refuses to do its bidding. Now the weary but battle-hardened survivors must take up their weapons again in a fight to the finish that will make the previous war look like a barroom brawl. Unlike the first conflict, the lines between man and machine are blurring. Men fight for the robot sentience. Sentient robots now fight alongside human comrades as well as with those who are machine and human combined. It soon appears there are other artificial intelligences at work on their own agendas. From Japan to Alaska to Colorado, forces gather for the showdown to determine who – or what – will rule the Earth.

In Robogenesis, his sequel to Robopocalypse, Daniel H. Wilson has created a spellbinding story that weaves the characters’ lives into an engaging tapestry of a “what-if” world of the near future. Entertainment and warning all in one, this book will hook lovers of intelligent SF.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews