The Déjà Glitch

Holly James



LA radio producer Gemma Peters’ Thursday begins like any other, but it’s not long before things seem somehow off. Her neighbors’ routines and the TV reports are eerily similar to the previous day’s. The odd feeling grows when Gemma literally runs into a hot guy at the coffee shop. She gets a soiled shirt and an incredible sense of déjà-vu out of the collision. It’s odd, but this guy Jack knows a heck of a lot about Gemma and her life. He insists they’ve met before, but Gemma can’t quite recall him. Is he a stalker—or maybe there’s something else going down? Her bestie Lila is both a help and a hindrance, insisting Gemma and Jack would make a hot couple. Gemma’s instinct isn’t against the idea, but right now she’s feeling freaked out.

…a joyful Groundhog Day-style romp with heart.

It’s a busy day. A crisis at the radio station presents Gemma with the opportunity of interviewing British rock legend Nigel Black. To add to her worries, her kid brother Patrick is trying to get home but can’t find a connecting flight, and Gemma has to face her estranged father alone. The mysterious Jack pops up at every twist and turn, seeming to know what’s happening and what’s going to happen. Gemma recoils from Jack’s insistence that they’re both stuck in a time loop, even when both a scientist and a spiritualist give credence to the idea. When Lila’s social influence sends Gemma and Jack’s situation into the trending stratosphere, it might just take a music mogul and a rock god to nudge time back into its rightful course.


The Déjà Glitch is a joyful Groundhog Day-style romp with heart. Gemma and Jack’s will-they-won’t-they relationship keeps the reader guessing right to the very end.