The Apology Project

Jeanette Escudero

Lake Union

Amelia Montgomery is a high-flying litigator with a prominent Chicago law firm. When she takes the lead on a sexual assault case involving a rich client, Amelia thinks she’ll rise higher yet. Then her male bosses tell Amelia they want her to defend their sleazeball client in a way that goes clear against her feminist principles. An argument ensues which results in highly sexist remarks being made and a nose broken. Exit Amelia with a generous parting settlement but with her career in tatters. It’s a serious blow on the eve of her fortieth birthday. To make matters worse nobody shows up to Amelia’s celebration—except for John Ellis, a new lawyer at her erstwhile firm. Amelia’s stunned. Is she really so unpopular?

… a great story of unlooked-for romance and redemption.

John gently suggests it may have something to do with Amelia’s abrasive disposition. Drunk and feeling sorry for herself, she agrees. With John and her sister’s help Amelia sets out to apologize to the deserving people she’s alienated over the years, from her old best friend to former co-workers. In spite of her growing attraction to John, it’s not easy Not everybody is willing to accept Amelia’s contrition. Even researching her Cuban ancestry is full of anxiety. The Apology Project uncovers surprises and a shock—can John really be trusted? Amelia’s forced to examine her choices and their consequences and maybe, just maybe, she’ll get her life back on track.

The Apology Project is a great story of unlooked-for romance and redemption. Amelia is a terrific character who truly evolves on her journey.