Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant

Remember Me This Way
Sabine Durrant

Emily Bestler Books

School librarian Lizzie Carter drives from London to Cornwall to lay flowers at the spot where her husband died in a car crash.

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“. . . explores the uglier side of human obsessions . . .”

It’s the first anniversary of the tragedy, and the bereavement self-help books say she should commemorate the event as part of the grieving process. Her feelings are mixed. Memories of her marriage to Zach surface in Lizzie’s mind. Although she loved him, Zach had a dark, controlling side to his personality, and she’d planned to leave him. 

Standing by the roadside tree Lizzie sees signs of the fiery accident that claimed Zach’s life – and another bunch of flowers from someone called Xenia. Did Zach have a mistress? The day he died Zach was on his way to work at the Cornish bungalow they used as a holiday home-cum-art studio. Lizzie finds evidence that someone has been there in the year since. Returning to London, a number of odd little incidents begin to accumulate into a sinister pattern. Lizzie begins to wonder if her mind is playing tricks out of guilt, or if Zach is really dead after all. The body in the wrecked car was burned beyond recognition, but could someone else have been in it that day? As family and friends begin to doubt her sanity Lizzie becomes terrified that Zach isn’t dead. Is he watching her and waiting to reclaim her for his own?

In Remember Me This Way, Sabine Durrant explores the uglier side of human obsessions in and out of marriage. Lizzie is more than a stereotypical timid librarian, and Zach is a real brooding character in the Mr. Rochester mold. 


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews