Mel Strickland works the help desk in Hatch, a NYC tech incubator company. It’s a soul-destroying job in an atmosphere of toxic masculinity. Nobody appreciates Mel’s coding skills and her love life’s a mess. Luckily she has her great friends Lia, Dani, and Whitney to back her up. When yet another loser sends her a dick pic on the dating app Fluttr, Mel decides enough is enough. Figuring out she can’t be the only woman who’s sick of the whole internet dating scene, Mel sets up her own site—JerkAlert—where women can share information and warnings about ghosters, smash-and-dashers, and dick pic senders.

By turns smart, funny, and always engaging . . .

Mel’s instincts prove right. JerkAlert becomes the new internet sensation and her little project soon attracts interest from the management of Fluttr itself. But nothing in Mel’s life is ever straightforward. She falls hard for Alex, one of the incubator crowd, apparently a true gentleman—but is he leading a double life? Fluttr’s once in a lifetime offer for JerkAlert has dollar signs dancing in front of Mel’s eyes, but the offer’s full of hidden snags. And maybe her ownership of JerkAlert isn’t as solid as she thinks. Mel’s personal and professional life seem headed for disaster when inspiration strikes, and she goes out on a limb with a new project, one that’ll maybe alter the internet dating scene forever. Will it be enough to get her career and love life back on track?

By turns smart, funny, and always engaging, How to Hack a Heartbreak’s tale of a modern Big Apple woman taking on the world will have you rooting for Mel all the way.