The Monstrous Misses Mai

Van Hoang



Cordelia Yin finds life tough as a first-generation Vietnamese American in 1959 Los Angeles. Kicked out by her family, Cordi desperately seeks a place to live and a job to pay rent. By chance she comes to an apartment building just as the charismatic Callum is also visiting the place. He finds Cordi space in a cozy apartment shared with three other girls, Tessa, Silly and Audrey. All are running from their pasts. All four share the same middle name—Mai. Tessa wants to be a model. Silly wants an internship in the mayor’s office. Audrey wants success as an artist. Cordi wants to be a fashion designer. They become fast friends, but life is far from easy when you’re starting at the bottom. Then Callum offers them a solution: A simple spell, one small sacrifice, that’s all it takes to change their lives for the better.

Callum’s lure is too tempting, and the lura spell they cast with his guidance gets results. Cordi becomes a designer for Lacy’s top department store, and attracts the attention of socialite Cressida Thompson and her handsome friend, Gabe Sinclair. Her friends fare better too, but as their ambitions increase so the magic begins to take its toll on them all. Darkness gathers in their lives. Soon it reaches a point where Cordi will try anything to remedy the situation. Her growing attraction to Gabe complicates things. What sacrifice, what deal with the lurawould be too much? Only by putting herself and her friends to the ultimate test will Cordi find out.

The Monstrous Misses Mais theme exemplifies the old saying be careful what you wish for Each character and their world is expertly drawn. The reader will identify with the young women as they face their dilemmas. This book fits the bill for those who value stories about friendship and dangers overcome.