Random House Now Sells Direct To Consumers

October 1, 2005
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October 1-15, 2005 Edition

Random House

Now Sells Direct

To Consumers

NEW YORK, NY/9/23/05—Following suit with other major publishers, Random House is now offering its entire stock of in-print books­some 20,000 titles­for sale directly to consumers through its web site, Random House, Inc. Readers who visit various Random House-owned sub-sites can order the books directly from the publisher by clicking the link, “ Find This Book At an Online Store,” which lists Random House among nine online vendors for purchasing titles.

Random House CEO Peter Olson hinted in a year-end report last December that the publisher would soon offer direct sales of books online to augment its existing sales channels. RH spokesman Stuart Applebaum has been quoted online as saying that the initiative is a “work-in-progress intentionally supplemental to our booksellers.”

Random House Internet orders, sold at list price, apparently are being filled directly from their own warehouse. New titles are available three days after their official release date and direct orders are shipped via next day air for about $9.

Simon & Schuster and Penguin also now sell their books direct to consumers on their Internet sites.


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