July 1-15, 2005 Book Deals

August 1, 2005
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July 1-15, 2005 Edition BOOK DEALS Hyperion to Publish

Book by Halberstam

On Winning NFL Coach

NEW YORK, NY/06/22/05—Hyperion announced today plans to publish a new book by David Halberstam. The book, tentatively entitled THE EDUCATION OF A COACH, will be published in November 2005.

In his book, legendary journalist David Halberstam will take an in-depth look at the life and career of one of the NFL’s winningest coaches, Bill Belichick. Halberstam has conducted extensive interviews with Belichick and those close to him. Belichick’s New England Patriots have won three of the last four Super Bowls.

David Halberstam is one of America’s most distinguished journalists and historians. He started his career working at the Nashville Tennessean in 1955 covering the early civil rights struggle and then moved to the New York Times in 1960. Shortly thereafter he was sent overseas by the Times, first to the Congo and then to Vietnam, where he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1964. His last fourteen books, including The Powers That Be, The Reckoning, The Fifties, War in a Time of Peace, Firehouse, and The Teammates have all been national bestsellers. Of those, six have been sports books, including The Summer of ’49, which, like The Best and The Brightest, was a #1 New York Times bestseller. This is his twentieth book. Russell Baker has said of Halberstam, “He may be the legitimate heir to Red Smith as the best sports writer around.”

Of the book Halberstam said: “I’ve been fascinated by Bill Belichick for more than 20 years, going back to the time when he was a young coach in his early 30s working with the linebackers on the Giants. There was, I thought, a certain signature to a Belichick game—whatever it was the other team’s offense was doing in the first half, the team coached by Belichick tended to take it away in the second half. I was fascinated by that, and by the fact that he seemed so un-coachlike, or perhaps the prototype for a very different kind of modern coach in what is an increasingly complicated game. He wasn’t in any way charismatic, and he made no attempt to be charismatic—if anything, quite the reverse, but he always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else. If anything, that made him even more interesting to me—a man who had no interest in the celebrity culture, but had been projected into the epicenter of it because of the nature of his job and his success with it. We eventually met through Bill’s friend Neil Cornrich, and I suggested to Neil that there might be a book in the education of a coach. It was an idea I thought might interest Bill because his father is a lifer—Steve Belichick is a kind of coach’s coach. The idea did intrigue Bill, and it’s given me an exceptional chance to look inside the career of someone who has always interested me, and I think, it has allowed me to see the game at least partially the way a coach does.”

The announcement was made by Will Schwalbe, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of Hyperion. Of the acquisition Schwalbe said: “We are thrilled to be published a portrait of one of the most extraordinary coaches of our time, written by one of the great nonfiction writers of our time. As with David’s other bestselling sports books, this promises to be a book of enormous resonance, not solely about achievement in a game but also about qualities of leadership.”

Schwalbe, who negotiated the deal with Robert Solomon, Esq., will be the editor for the book. Hyperion retains world English, translation and audio rights.

Hyperion, founded in 1991, publishes general-interest fiction and non- fiction hardcover, trade, and mass-market paperback books for adults and includes the Miramax, ESPN Books, ABC Daytime Press, Hyperion East, and Hyperion AudioBooks imprints. Hyperion is the adult trade book publishing unit of ABC, Inc.

Two Chance Celebrities

Land Huge Book Deals

With HarperCollins

NEW YORK, NY/06/21/05—Two women, Ashley Smith and Jennifer Wilbanks, who became celebrities when chance circumstances gained them national news coverage, have won major book deals.

Zondervan and William Morrow, divisions of HarperCollins, will co-publish a book by Ashley Smith, the woman whose emergency call led police to capture Brian Nichols in a courthouse shooting. Smith is expected to receive about $500,000 for her story. The book is titled Unlikely Angel.

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks has landed a publishing deal with ReganMedia, which includes HarperCollins imprint Regan Books. The yet untitled book is also expected to earn Wilbanks approximately a half million dollars, not including a television deal which is also pending.

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