Aug 15 – 31, 2005 Book Selling

August 15, 2005
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August 15-31, 2005 Edition BOOKSELLING Competition Forces

Michigan Bookseller

To Close After 32 Years FERNDALE, MICH/ 8/10/2005—Paperbacks, an independent bookseller in Ferndale, Michigan since 1973, is closing its doors September 15. “We just can’t compete anymore,” says owner Fred Hughes, according to an article in the Detroit News by Maureen McDonald. Likewise, Skip Rosenthhal, owner of Books Abound in Farmington, is shutting his new and used bookstore in September after 20 years, according to the article.

Also this year, the Women’s Prerogative Bookstore in Ferndale folded, the Mayflower Book Shop in Berkley closed after fire damage and the Little Professor Bookstore in Dearborn ended a 40-year run. Last year, the Little Book Shoppe on the Park in Plymouth gave up after 20 years. Read the full article in the Detroit News.

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