Book Industry Study Group's BISAC 2013 to Thema 1.0 mapping is now available.

Thema is a new global subject classification system for books and e-books, with wide and growing international participation.

The goal of the BISAC 2013 to Thema 1.0 mapping is to provide a guide for the U.S. book industry in selecting the appropriate corresponding Thema code(s), to facilitate the sale of U.S. books internationally.

Thema is not intended to replace each market's standard classification system, such as the BISAC Subject Headings in the United States. It is instead meant to supplement each market's unique system while reducing the need to map to multiple schemes. It presents a single unified scheme for the categorization of book content for the international book trade, including domestic publishers selling books or rights globally.

The BISAC 2013 to Thema 1.0 mapping was created by The Book Industry Study Group's Thema Working Group, a task force of the BISG Subject Codes Committee. The group is chaired by Kempton Mooney, Senior Market Research & Business Development Analyst at Hachette Book Group USA.

Publishers and others upstream in the supply chain have begun to include Thema codes in their metadata, effective as of the Thema sunrise date on December 31, 2013. Retailers and others downstream are also working toward accepting Thema codes with this release.

The BISAC 2013 to Thema 1.0 mapping document is available free to BISG members and free to non-members with purchase of the BISAC Subject Codes Listing.  Please email Julie Morris at for more information.

Thema is managed, published, and promoted by EDItEUR, the trade standards body for the global book, e-book and serials supply chain, through an International Steering Committee comprised of representatives from BIC, Nielsen and EDItEUR and one representative from each Thema National Group, including BISG. This Steering Committee has full responsibility for all decisions related to the support and development of Thema.

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