September 24 – October 1, 2009 Edition

Ballantine Acquires South Carolina First Lady’s Memoir

NEW YORK, NY (AUTHORLINK NEWS, September 22, 2009)– Ballantine Books has acquired at auction the inspirational memoir of South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford, it was announced today by Libby McGuire, Publisher of Ballantine Books.  Joy Tutela at the David Black Literary Agency made the North American rights deal with Ballantine Executive Editor Marnie Cochran, who will edit the book.

Her highly anticipated book, which will be published in May 2010, will grapple with the universal issue of maintaining integrity and a sense of self during life’s difficult times.  In addition to describing the emotions, confrontations and heartbreak behind the headlines of her story, Jenny Sanford will write of her choice to give up her career to become a wife and mother; the blessing of children; the mixed blessing of becoming a political spouse; and the particular pressures of living life in the public eye.

“Since June,” she writes, “I’ve been urged to tell the story of who I am, what I believe, and how I came to solidify those beliefs in my life, specifically through my marriage and the political life that has paralleled it.  I would like to show others how important it is to stand firm on one’s principles, stay true to oneself, and respond with grace and honesty to whatever hurdles may come.”

“The response Jenny Sanford has received since she issued her public statement in June has been overwhelming and hugely supportive,” comments Libby McGuire.  “We are all eager to hear more about the insights and principles that have sustained her during this time and throughout her life.”

(Authorlink Note: Jenny’s husband, Mark Sanford, the current Republican Governor of South Carolina, resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors Association in June 2009, after he publicly admitted and apologized for having had an affair with an Argentinean woman.)