Any writer or self-publisher who does not seek the services of a good editor engages in self-sabotage. No one wants to read work full of typos and errors. Yet, many people take that chance and risk losing many potentially loyal readers. Why do they do that?
Because they can’t find an editor they can both afford and trust–until now!

Steward Editorial brings 16 years of experience to provide comprehensive, helpful, and efficient writing and editing services.
What is included in your rate?
Full-service editing that includes the following items:
 Correction of errors in spelling, punctuation, and format
 Correct ion of issues with grammar including verb tense and agreement, fragments, and run-ons
 Revision of sentence and paragraph structure to improve the clarity of your thoughts
 Suggestions on overall revisions that can enhance the quality of your work

In addition, Steward Editorial provides ghostwriting services for those who have something to say but trouble finding all the right words. Contact Steward Editorial today!