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Start creating right here, right now! At Authorlink®,  you learn the ropes from experts, holding your hand through the entire self-publishing process while we do the work–from design and formatting, assigning ISBN numbers and book industry codes, e-book conversion, print on demand file preparation, distribution strategies and more.

The Authorlink difference: Our publishing unit is a publishing service, not a publisher per se. Vanity or hybrid publishers charge hefty fees for managing your publishing accounts once the production process is completed. Instead, at Authorlink we show you how to take maximum control over your own publishing experience with ease. You keep the extra money. This is true self-publishing with a little help from us.

Every book is different. Every author is different. Your publishing journey should be customized just for you. Yes, there is more to publishing than uploading a fiction or nonfiction file to Amazon and hoping for results under the slush! We show you how. Your book is unique. Your publishing journey should be tailored just for you. It doesn’t cost more to do it our way; it costs less. We give you the tools you need to succeed. A wider world awaits your story, fiction or nonfiction book. Learn to publish on your own, and keep your rights.

Save 20% When You Order Both Services

Looking to publish digitally as well as in print? You save 20% off the final price when you order both services together! When you request a quote, you can choose to order one or both services.

Ala Carte Services

Don’t need the full e-book or print book package? Submit your manuscript using the form below and check the box or boxes that best fit your needs.

Scanning and Typing of Older Books

Books published before the digital age can be repurposed for today’s marketplace. We will scan your original or out-of-print book and then retype the text so that you can then proof the work and convert to an e-Pub or printed book. Prices are based on the number of pages and whether you send us the hard copy or whether you have already scanned the pages to a PDF file. Files are carefully proofed before you receive them, but you are responsible for the final proof. You don’t have to immediately convert the files for the marketplace, in case you want to update the text before converting. It’s your call.

Editing and Formatting Only

We can format the interior text block of your book and edit it for compatibility (not an editorial service) with conversion specifications for ePub and Print-on-Demand. Pricing is based on the number of pages and the complexity of the job.

Cover Design Only

If all you need is a cover design, submit a summary of your manuscript and the genre in which it fits, add comments on any ideas you have for the cover, and check the appropriate box on the submission form and we’ll shoot you a price.

E-Book Distribution Consulting Only

We do not distribute books for you; we guide you through the process. Our hourly rate for helping you to devise your distribution plan is $60 per hour, billed as incurred.