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Lisa Dale Norton is an author and editor with a specialty in nonfiction and memoir. She works with writers to complete books for publication. Her literary memoir Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills, and her writing book, Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir are published by St. Martin’s Press. Lisa lives in Santa Fe. Contact:

Lisa at Home
Lisa lives in Santa Fe; Venice, Italy; and a 97-year-old writing cabin in the Western Sandhills. She reads, writes, advises clients, edits manuscripts, plays the piano, swims, and nurtures her beloved flower garden. Roses, columbine, iris, lilies, clematis, wisteria, and daffodils are just a few of her resident species. She is an avid traveler in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy with the goal of absorbing as much language, culture, art and architecture as possible.

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