Can a humble waitress get into trouble for singing “The Cootie Song”? She can if her name is Kiki Worthington and she is heir to the Worthington mega-fortune–and her performance ends up on You Tube for all the world to see. Kiki is in love with her half-brother Bye (Byron III) Worthington. They live with their father & Bye’s mother Dinah in Douglas Beach, Florida. Though they agree to date other people, this is easier said than done. Kiki uses her time to explore career options, often meeting with disapproval from her father. Things come to a head when Kiki leaves for the FL panhandle to reconnect with long-estranged family members. The entire family reunites when Cousin Miranda’s war-veteran fiancĂ©’ Joe suddenly dies. Byron II does some soul searching and contacts Kiki’s mother who has not been in her life since she was 4. She learns that Byron II is not her father, thus leaving herself and Bye free to marry. A fun mix of family, food, music and an HEA ending!