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May 10, 2013
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BookCrafters LLCA Professional Editorial Services Firm

We'll help your nonfiction project become the very best it can be. Experience:

A complimentary initial consultation A thorough edit & analysis of your work Expert advice on creating a saleable book proposal An accomplished ghost-writer/collaborator

Elizabeth Zack was previously a Senior Editor at Ballantine Books/Random House, Inc., and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Her titles include regional and national bestsellers.

"Elizabeth Zack is an awesome editor, her instincts flawless, her grasp of material swift and all-encompassing. She makes all her authors look good."—New York Times best-selling author JOAN WESTER ANDERSON

"I was talking to a local writer about 'editors I have known' and I said you are absolutely the best."— best-selling author JOAN MATHEWS LARSON, PH.D

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