Fitness Hacks for over 50 by K. Aleisha Fetters

April 1, 2020
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Fitness Hacks for over 50

300 Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Life

Part of Hacks

By K. Aleisha Fetters


Skip the gym and improve your physical and mental fitness in just minutes with these 300 quick and easy ways to add movement to your day!

Being active and in shape helps you sleep, keeps you strong and healthy, and improves balance, your social life—and even your sex life! We all know exercise is good for us, but time, money, age, and inertia often keep us stuck on the couch. But you don’t need to join a gym—or even leave your house—to get fit and healthy!

In Fitness Hacks for over 50, you’ll discover quick and attainable tips and strategies to maintain (or increase) your fitness and strength at any point in your life. These simple, easy-to-do movements and activities that just take a few minutes a day makes it easy and friction-free to look and feel better, regardless of your age and abilities.

It’s never too late to get started! Let Fitness Hacks for over 50 put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life that you can enjoy!

Adams Media (April 14, 2020) | 208 pages | 9781507212783

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