What People Are Saying About Authorlink®

Historical Praise For Our Site

Since 1996, Authorlink® has been an outstanding resource for editors, agents and authors. Through the years, we have earned a reputation for being a reliable source of information for the publishing industry. Our mission is to help writers get published, or to self-publish, and to make important creative connections. Some publishing pros  have moved on to other posts while others remain. All have outstanding experience in publishing. We have updated some attributions.

The Editors Are Saying…

“I peruse your site regularly. You’ve done an incredible job with it. Terrific.”

Dan Slater, Formerly Editor,
New American Library (Penguin Putnam)

Today, Dan Slater oversees Amazon’s Culture of Innovation program as part of AWS’ Digital Innovation team.

Tom Colgan, Vice President, Berkley, Penguin RandomhouseI was particularly impressed with Authorlink. It’s a worthy service which will have a great future.

Thomas J. Colgan, Senior Editor
Berkley Publishing

Now Vice President, Editorial Director at Berkley/Penguin Random House


I want to tell you that placing my classified ad on Authorlink on April 1 was the best thing I ever did! I received in excess of 200 inquiries off that one ad for our Adventures in Nature series – and they’re still coming in! It’s so exciting.

Bonnie Norris, Acquisitions Assistant
John Muir Publications

John Muir was co-founder of the Sierra Club and author of many books and essays.

Rose McCormickI am compelled to write you personally and say….Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. I know I’ve been here 2 hours and I have yet to begin. Authorlink is by far the best writer’s site I have visited in quite a while. So much information and so many ads to sort through. Again, thank you.

Rose McCormick, Contributing Editor
Women’s Humor


Thanks for turning me on to Authorlink® It is an impressive endeavor and an informative site.

Lawrence LaRose, Editor
Random House, Inc.

I really like Authorlink It seems ideal for people involved in all aspects of publishing.

A. Aaron, Administrator
Time Warner’s Compass
New York Weekly on-line guide

Authorlink is a wonderful resource for anyone involved in the publishing industry. The service it provides for writers, editors, and agents alike is invaluable in this tremendously growing age of media technology.

Frank Scatoni, Former Assistant Editor
Simon & Schuster

Now a partner in Venture Literary, San Diego, CA

Jessica Faust, President, Bookends Literary AgencyAuthorlink® is a great resource for editors, authors and agents. I will be sure to take a look frequently.

Jessica Faust, Acquisitions Editor
Berkley Publishing

Now owner of Bookends Literary Agency


… a cool service.
Beth Derochea, Assistant Editor
Carol Publishing Group

Carol closed in 2000 with Kensington Publishing purchasing the assets.

The site looks good!

Calvin Reid, Chief News editor
Publishers Weekly

I was impressed with the quality of the Authorlink site. You have better market listings than most of the publications that charge!

Bonnie Hearn, Editor, Fresno Bee
Contributing Editor, Editor-Writer Magazine


I was skeptical at first about placing an ad for political writers in Authorlink.com. Let me please apologize for that skepticism. The response from writers to my ad has been excellent. Thank you for having such a useful website.

Mark Weisberger, Site Manager, Advisethepresident.com

Excellent site!

Ray Hoy, Publisher/Producer
The Fictionworks,Inc.

The Next Generation in Audio Novels

Thank you for offering such a great service!

Nicolas Billon, Publisher, Requiem Aeternam

Authorlink should be helpful for authors, publishers and for agents. AND it is easy to use.

Frances Vick, Editor in chief
University of North Texas Press


In today’s phenomenally hectic and explosively frantic world it is incredibly calming and one could even say comforting, to find a stable, steady, and soothing voice of wisdom in the midst of it all.
Doris Booth is one such voice…
Though a successful Editor, Writer, Founder, and Publisher and one who is as busy as the proverbial ‘one-armed paper hanger’, still Ms. Booth finds time in her busy life, and space in her heart, to encourage and mentor budding authors and fledgling publishers in her frantic days, and to do so with patience.
As a published author who one day, awoke yet again, with the annoying and persistent buzzing in my ear of the thought, ‘You should start your own publishing company’, I finally decided to give heed. Like that persistent fly at the last picnic you went to, (you know the one), the idea just wouldn’t go away. But how do you begin? WHERE do you begin, and a myriad of other questions buzzed in my head. Thankfully, I called the Small Business Administration, and thankfully they referred me to Ms. Booth, who possessed a wealth of knowledge and the wisdom to disseminate it carefully and patiently. Her instructions and advice were understandable and accurate, as well as invaluable. A full heavenly choir and orchestra seemed to play in the background as I listened to her words of wisdom, and I started to ask her to show me her ‘wings’ but decided not to so as not to interrupt her train of thought.
But, in all earnestness, thanks to Ms. Booth’s kind professionalism and willingness to share her considerable knowledge, My Secret Heart Publishing LLC was born, and I am forever grateful that one of such grand success is willing to reach back and help a fledgling publisher spread his wings and fly…
God bless and thank you,
David M. Humphrey Sr
My Secret Heart Publishing

The Agents Are Saying…

“I think Authorlink is a great site. I know! I visit regularly.”

Michael Bourret, Agent
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

“You’ve got a wonderful website and we’re proud to be part of it.”

Barbara J. Harris, Agent
Harris LIterary Agency, San Diego, CA.

“I am very excited about the calibre of manuscripts available on Authorlink. I have already had four Authorlink writers I reviewed yesterday mail their manuscripts to me. I already have publishers wanting books.”

Pamela Wray, Agent
Design Power Literary Agency

I’d like to tell you once again how marvelous Authorlink is. You have provided the most comprehensive literary website I’ve ever seen. A million continued congratulations!

Marcella Hague, Agent/Owner
Marcella Hague Literary Representation

Authorlink is amazingly good at finding wonderful writers. Where have you been all my life!

Beck Roberts, Agent/Owner
The Writerbeck Agency

Authorlink strikes me as a particularly professional and informative place. I was struck by both the discretion used and the quality of your material. We look forward to working with you on possible screenplay projects, and will, of course, keep you posted on our dealings with your writers.

Brian Schiffer Vice President, Creative Affairs
Smith Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Kleinman, Folio ManagementI contacted you several weeks ago about some of the writers you showcased. I believe I asked for 3 mss. Although 2 weren’t for me, I’m very enthusiastic about the 3rd, and just wanted to tell you what a splendid service you’re providing — keep up the good work.

Jeff Kleinman
Graybill & English Literary Agency (Now partner in Folio Management)

I cannot tell you how valuable I have found your services. From the apparent quality of the manuscripts I have requested, one or more Authorlink writers will be ground floor clients of BGC Literary Management.

Brian G. Clark
BGC Literary Management

We have found some wonderful manuscripts through Authorlink , especially in the suspense/thriller category. Two are as good as we’ve seen and very competitive even in the current tough fiction marketplace.

Sam Hughes
The Dickens Group Literary Agency

Keep up the excellent work on Authorlink — it’s one of my favorite sites to visit.

Ashley A. Carroll, Agent
DHS Literary, Inc.

Authorlink is, in my opinion, the most useful and best maintained of all the writing related websites I have come across. As a Literary Agent I know that when I request a manuscript from one of their listed authors, I’m not wasting my time. In fact, several of those authors, are now my clients.

Elisabet Mchugh, TechServices, Inc.
Literary Agency

Authorlink is a wonderful service to the literary community. I applaud you for your efforts in keeping it interesting and current.

Anne Hawkins
John Hawkins & Associates, New York

Your site looks fabulous! I am about to start referring people to you from other sites. You’re certainly doing good work.

Wendy Keller
Forthwrite Literary Agency
Pasadena, California

I’m signing on an author who found me through you. Excellent service!

Joe McClure
Cheshire Agency
New York

I am just so impressed. Your Web site looks better and better every time I check in!

Eric D. Alterman
New Brand Agency Group

Authorlink is a wonderful tool for agents. I check in a couple of times a week. Writers who take the initiative to be listed with a service like Authorlink tend to be professionals who take their writing seriously. Having a synopsis and sample available is invaluable for agents looking at prospective writers. I will be letting my contacts know about your service.

Tami R.S. Penley
T Seven & Associates, Literary Agency
Nicklesville, VA

Authorlink provides a great way to meet new authors!

Rose Stadler
Literary Agent

What Advertisers Are Saying…

We are very selective about the sites we sponsor. As an advertiser on Authorlink.com, we find the site is a wonderful resource. We only wish we could find other communities as comprehensive and informative as Authorlink!

Lynne Zerance
The Editorial Department
Read more in the Authorlink
Editorial Services section.

Thank you for entering my advertisement in February on your special free 30 day period. I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH RESPONSE TO ANYTHING BEFORE LIKE I HAVE NOW. Your assistance has proved invaluable and I will definitely bookmark Authorlink for the future. Much appreciated.

Tim Watts

Libraries and Online Booksellers Are Saying…

Thank you for your assistance in making quality information available on the Internet.

Lesley Binnion
Calgary Public Library

Authorlink provides a wonderful resource for the writing and publishing community!

Christopher Tessay

Thank you for making quality information available on the Internet. You are making a superlative contribution to electronic publishing!

Gael Blackhall Electronic Resources Calgary Public Library

Your site seems well stocked with information. Continue the good work.

Brina C. Bolanz, Buyer

Film and TV Producers Are Saying…

Edward T. McDougal, Producer, Writer, DirectorI’ve already gotten several responses from your authors who mentioned their material is on the way. I’m impressed with the efficiency of your organization. It must be encouraging to your writers to have requests for their materials handled so efficiently and promptly.

Edward T. McDougal
McDougal Films

Writers Organizations and Services Are Saying…

I wanted to drop you a note and say that I found your web site of great help to me. I have provided a link on my web site for people to use. Thanks.

Roger Baker II
Digital Images Publishing Studios

Thank you for making such a wonderful, informative and mind jogging presentation for the Missouri Writers Guild conference. I really believe Authorlink represents the wave of the future, and I would like to be a part of it!

Jim Barrett, President
Missouri Writers Guild

… an excellent resource for writers in general, and particularly for the types of writers using The Writer’s Planet.

Steve Eubanks, The Writer’s Planet
On-line service for writers

I’ve just finished reading Authorlink for the first time. You’ve got a real winner!

Jo Ann Hamlin, Past President
Southwest Writers Workshop

Thanks so much for the wonderful write up on the conference. The highlighted segments are great, I couldn’t have chosen better myself. Authorlink is a delightful alternative to conventional communication between writers. Good site. I enjoy it tremendously.

Charlotte Hoaks, President
Houston Writers League

Congratulations for providing a much-needed service. I’m looking forward to listing a number of manuscripts.

Linda Sonna, Writer’s Connection
Santa Fe, NM

The Writers Are Saying….

Charles Sailor, Bestselling Author“As a New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestselling author it is of the utmost importance that my novels are reliably prepared for e-book publication.

Doris Booth and her staff are the epitome of excellence. I have had four editions prepared by Authorlink® including one each in Spanish and French. Their work has always been impeccable.

I trust Authorlink® with my work, and you can trust them with yours.”

Charles Sailor


“I’ve sold over 35 non-fiction books to all kinds of publishers. My record is fifteen years for one book, and on the quick side is FIFTEEN MINUTES when I sold A SPECIAL DELIVERY: MOTHER DAUGHTER LETTERS FROM AFAR through Authorlink. What’s more, Doris Booth always personalizes the process and encourages her writers.”
Joyce Slayton Mitchell, Author Writer

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I have a book contract pending for the novel, Madhatter’s Guide to Chocolate. I can t express to you how very thankful I am for Authorlink. It has provided an opportunity to share my work!!
Rhett DeVane, Author Writer

I am very excited. My listing has been with Authorlink for just over a year, and an agent contacted me days after I had punched up my excerpt at renewal time. Without exposure on Authorlink, I certainly would not have made this connection. Incidentally, the same agent also requested a copy of my second novel, Circumvention, which was only recently posted on your website. I will keep you advised as developments occur.

Darin Mille, Author Writer

I’m happy with the service you provide – much easier to pitch the project using your url than sending long attached files!

Mary Titus, Author-in-Waiting

I am very pleased to tell you that the fiction novel is now complete, at least to the point that I feel I can proceed with a professional editor to refine the work to best meet industry requirements.

Throughout the creation process, AuthorLink remained a vital resource to my work, most notably the articles by Susan Malone and Anne Hawkins. I felt that both provided straightforward and candid insights into the publishing world, with some greatly-appreciated laughs along the way. I will continue to look to AuthorLink as my first choice for the types of editorial and representation services needed to transform my manuscript into a viable commercial product. Thank you again for maintaining such a tremendous suite of tools and guidelines.

With my sincere best wishes for your ongoing success,
Michael Marks, Authorlink Writer

I give you 90% of the credit for my making it this far. Two major publishers are now considering my manuscript. I could not have tried crossing into publishing while being a doctor without your help–no way. It wouldn’t have been physically or financially possible without what you do, and more importantly, your spirit. Many thousands of people work with your company and its website, but you can’t possibly talk personally to them all. If you could, 90% of them I’m sure would tell you that you and your staff personally are helping their art and their dreams come to life. All in a field of endeavor where there is no one else who does what you do for writers.
Thanks for everything, Paul, Authorlink Writer

Ms. Booth, I don’t know how to thank you and the rest of your staff. Authorlink served as a breakthrough, playing a significant role in my creative growth as a writer. My novel Darkstalker/Pietro was published by iPublish at Time Warner. I’m working on a new novel Carnivorous about a flesh eating plant from South America. When it’s finished, I’ll have it posted at Authorlink and the rest of my future works. Thank you so much.

Jojo Regalado, Authorlink Writer

Great to be on Authorlink Regardless of the outcome, I’m pleased to have this “crack in the door” to the publishing world. Authorlink offers unpublished authors a chance to get some attention. I live in rural western New York State without significant contacts to the publishing community so the type of exposure offered by authorlink is especially appreciated. The cost is reasonable – writing is evaluated – and I must add – the staff responds promptly to email questions etc. I’m pleased. If my book doesn’t find a publisher – i t won’t be your fault. Thanks again.

Irene Bonk Koch, Authorlink Writer (Divine Compass)

Thanks for sending my manuscript to Random House. Though they didn’t accept it after it went to editorial meetings, it helps me know that my manuscript has merit. I think your website is the best vehicle for new authors, and I am grateful for your interest.

Luellen Smiley, Authorlink Writer

Thank you so much for the award certificate. Only another writer could imagine how much it means to receive an award for the silent art of writing. Authorlink has provided an opportunity for me to grow and you have personally given me the hope of someday getting published. I know it sounds corny, Doris, but your “link” has been the vehicle to a world I never thought I could reach. I wish you and the finalist all the luck in the world at the conference. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Authorlink Writer, Marthann

I want to thank you for your contest. It’s marvelous and obviously run by professionals. Though I only placed second in mainstream, the same as I placed last year, I now have two novels finished that I feel good about. Again, thank you for the wonderful support and assistance you give to new authors. As hard as it is for new writers to get any sort of a pat on the back while they are struggling, people like you deserve to be canonized.

Authorlink Writer, Margie Lukas

I really enjoy the articles and interviews on your web site. They’re rich and deep. They educate. Also wanted you to know that although my novel is no longer posted on Authorlink, in a unique quirk of fate I induced an editor at a major New York house to read the manuscript. I’m sure part of that was due to the good advice I derive from this web site. Thanks again.

Authorlink Writer, Nick Battista

Your site is the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for giving all of us amateur writers a place for support and hope.

Authorlink Writer, James

I do think you have a marvelous idea in your web site, particularly for those of us who simply do not have the time and energy to undertake a full-scale search for an agent. It has quite definitely been worth the cost…Here’s hoping on this next submission.

Authorlink Writer, Cyndi Kennedy

Thank you for the manuscript request. That’s two different ones in as many weeks. Will send it out immediately. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks again!

Henry Harvey, Authorlink Writer

I posted an advertisement for a screenwriter to help adept my novel. I have received a dozen responses from writers. Though I am not proceeding in that direction immediately, I know that Authorlink has a very successful medium for writer’s seeking writer’s.

Authorlink Writer Luellen

I wanted to share my excitement with you. I have just signed an agreement with an agent to represent my Author Showcase listing, BOTTLENECK. I appreciate the insight and advice you offered over Email and at Harriette Austin Writer’s Conference. Please accept my sincere thanks for helping this aspiring writer grow.”

Authorlink Writer Norman Chastain

This is to express my thanks to you and to all of your professional, efficient and courteous staff.To date one publisher and two agents have requested proposals; and I am hopeful that the Authorlink exposure will help me find an agent who will be ehthusiastic about exposing my manuscript to a broad range of publishing opportunities.Thanks, once again, for running such a professional and uplifting organization that serves a clear need for writers and authors.

Authorlink Writer Prem Chopra

I’ve been listed with Authorlink since 19 July 2000. Prior to my Authorlink listing the best response I could hope for via U.S. Mail was three weeks. Through Authorlink I have had 94 hits so far. I calculate 282 weeks submission time, minus 11 weeks since initial listing leaves 271 weeks gained. This gives me the equivalent of 5 extra years over using the U.S. Mail. Plus, at approximately $1.50 postage each way for each submission, I have saved $177.00 so far (minus the Authorlink fee). I am encouraged by your newsletter and updates in the publishing business.
Conclusion: The Authorlink way sure beats the do-it-yourself way of contacting publishers and agents — and I sleep better nights knowing that my material is out there, 24 hours a day. Based on just the financial savings, Authorlink can’t be beat. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted for listing in Authorlink.

Authorlink Writer Jose J. Monsegur

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Authorlink for the obvious care that was taken in displaying my submission. The entire process was handled expeditiously, and my listing contains not a single error; indeed, I could not have done better myself. In a world run amok with typos and slipshod editing, I thank all those involved for the attention to detail and general TLC.

Authorlink Writer Robert Ryan

Authorlink is such a valuable resource (I believe I’ve said that before), so that we unknowns are not blindly sending manuscripts to people who aren’t interested. The cost of listing is most reasonable compared with the copying and mailing costs plus SASEs otherwise. And I surely appreciate the work you are doing plugging our books in NY and with the newsletter. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful concept. If the books don’t sell, it won’t be for lack of effort on your part!

Greta Manville
Signed with Agent via Authorlink

I’ve just signed a contract with a literary agent who found me on Authorlink. What I’m REALLY happy about is that just hours later I learned a major publisher has requested it! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Since you deal with struggling writers I know you know how thrilled I am to have a go-getter agent in my corner at last.

Authorlink Writer Sylvia J. Cooke

I was very pleased and surprised to recieve a request for the manuscript so quickly after posting. I had pushed the usual buttons with query letters and sample chapters and received no interest until I found your site. It is clear evidence to me of the benfit to be derived for unpublished writers who use Authorlink.
NOTE: Today I received an offer from an agent to represent Aquarius Rising. It is a breathtaking result considering the book was accepted for representation only eleven days after posting.

Authorlink Writer Paul A Ceeney

I’m very pleased to have my novel, “Against the Grain” listed with Authorlink. In ten days it has received around seventy hits, and so far three agents have contacted me to express their interest. One of them, in fact, has asked me to send him the entire ms. On my own, I never managed this well. Many thanks!

Authorlink Writer Christine Raffini

Authorlink , you did everything you said you would! Sending “Troublesome Hollow” to you was the best thing ever! And that little “NEW” button you put beside the copy leads me to the feeling of a bright start!

Authorlink Writer Kitty Maiden

Just read my mail from you. Needless to say, I am happy at the results of my request for listing in Authorlink. My plan was to thank you anyway for the courteous and fast response. This type of action is something I haven’t been exposed to in dealing with publishers and agents. As they say in some parts of Texas, “Your orginization is ‘numero uno’ in my book.”

Authorlink Writer Jose Monsegur

I am in seventh heaven! A New York Publisher on Madison Avenue has requested my work! Thank you, thank you thank you, Authorlink. I have sent my manuscript, and will keep you informed as to it’s progress. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Authorlink Writer Ann Schofield

I want to complement you and your company on this wonderful site and the service you provide. It is a great source of pride to me, just to have been “accepted” into your Author’s Showcase.

Authorlink Writer James Justice

I am pleased to announce that I have been in contact by an agent from the Sligo Literary Agency in California and he has offered to represent my work entitled “Lifeline.” Last year I sent out numerous queries to prospective agents and publishers all over the country…and yet no one wanted to see the manuscript. This year, I changed only one line in my query letter…I added the sentence…”my work is featured under the Emerging Writers section of the Authorlink.com web site.” Due to that single sentence…I have sent out four queries so far this year, and have received four positive responses. I truly believe that one sentence has made all the difference!

Authorlink Writer Heather Berry

Dear Editors: I have found an agent through Authorlink. Though I queried him directly from the private Authorlink directory, I believe having the listing on Authorlink helped. First, there is the practicality of having a real showcase for one’s work. Your promptness in answering questions or giving advise is gratifying The list of agents affords a certain assurance. There are some real creepy-crawlies out there. I know, I have been bitten by a couple of them. But probably the greatest value is psychological. Simply knowing that someone listens validates one’s purpose for being a writer. Thank you so much for your interest, unfailing kindness and consideration.

Authorlink Writer Bly O. White

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been offered a contract with an agent I found through an Authorlink listing. The contract is not only for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE, which I’ve listed with you, but two other books as well.
Thanks for providing a fine service.

Authorlink Writer A.R. Allen

Thanks for having this service. I’m pleased someone took an interest in me and that I’ve had so many requests. I’ll keep you posted as to how things progress!

Authorlink Writer Robert E. Rosenbrook III

I just wanted to let you know that I have signed with the Linda Chester Agency in New York City, thanks to AuthorLink’s help. The agent, Meredith Phelan, saw my post (ROLL AGAIN, CONTEMPORARY FICTION, 910033MS) on AuthorLink and requested the MS about a month ago, which was about a month after I first posted with you. Since then she has read the MS and I have signed with the agency.

Jimmy Gleacher, Authorlink Writer

I’ll be putting a check in the mail to extend my listing on Authorlink for another three month period. I’m pleasantly surprised that, with the large number of manuscripts listed, I’m still getting hits after the “NEW” designation was removed. You must have a lot of interested people visiting Authorlink.

Bob Mustin, Authorlink Writer

Thank you for your letter of welcome to Authorlink — I’m thrilled to be one of your authors. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely FLOORED I am by your service — not only by the speed of your manuscript evaluation (10 days! WOW!), but also the extraordinarily professional manner in which the entire process has been handled. What a tremendous relief to know that my manuscript is in such competent hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your speedy efficiency and many thanks for this truely life-saving service for struggling authors.

Susanna Dydiova, University of Frankfurt Medical School

I’m very impressed with Authorlink, and I’m spreading the word to my writing network. You’ll get a rave in our monthly newsletter. Also a heads-up about your contest. The list of judges is classy and impressive.

Anne R. Allen, Authorlink Writer

What magic is this? Within a week of receiving Circles of Blood it appears on Authorlink and the first few hours I receive TWO requests for the manuscript, hats off. I was overwhelmed, for a person who has been celebrating getting a rejection letter it was a lot for me.

Bill Canupp, Authorlink Writer

I just wanted to offer a comment about the value of the page counter you provide. An author in search of a sale usually lives in a state of information deficit and sensory deprivation most of the time. You send a query letter out into the void and hear nothing for weeks or months. It’s reassuring to see the number of hits to a web page even if the reader isn’t interested in sampling the material further. It makes the process of selling a manuscript seem less isolating.
Thanks very much,

Nancy Wikarski

Thank you again for your wonderful website. Because of Authorlink I, hopefully, may have found a beginning. I’ll keep you posted.

Mary Masters

Just a note to compliment your graphic artists on the covers of your imprints – they all look extremely professional and well executed. The cover for Rhubarb is better than I expected: quirky and intrigueing, just like the story. You guys run a quality shop.

Doug Shear

I am genuinely stunned to have been named as first place winner in the screenplay category of the 1999 Authorlink Awards. I wrote ‘Teacher -Teacher’ with the primary objective of scripting a Romantic-Comedy to be enjoyed in the U.S. When I submitted the work to Authorlink in January and was given an ‘experienced writer’ classification this gave me the confidence to believe I could succeed in that goal. Hence I decided to enter the Competition. Whatever the future holds for the screenplay I would like to thank Authorlink for allowing this writer to dare to dream. Sincere Best Wishes.

Chris M. Brown

I have read of your new publishing venture called Authorlink Press. It is my belief that “on demand” publishing will soon revolutionize the publishing industry. Maybe it will empower authors who have heretofore been at the mercy of agents and big publishing houses to get their works in print. At least it will be possible to publish books that have literary merit but no possibility of selling a million copies. I wish you success in your new venture.

Barbara M. Soper

You’ve really got a great service. It’s a good feeling to know someone is trying to open the literary field a little bit.

Sandy McCrary, Ed., Authorlink Writer

I have found Authorlink ‘s directory of literary agents quite useful. It is a great resource. In fact, that is where I located the agent who is now representing me.

Sally Robbins, Authorlink Writer

I just wanted to let you folks know that I have signed with an agent who found me through Authorlink — and man, am i happy about it. Marcella Hague signed me to a contract after reading my first novel, “Oyster Blues”. Authorlink really worked for me. thanks!

Michael Mcclelland

Thank you very much for forwarding my co-author’s and my information to the literary agency you mentioned might be interested in our work. She telephoned me this afternoon to offer a contract, and I believe we will be able to work together quite well. I am truly appreciative of your assistance. It is such a pleasure to associate with supportive, professional people.

Authorlink User, Mike Wisdom

I am really happy that I sent my manuscript to you instead of wasting time and effort on trying to market it myself.

Andrea Giacomuzzi, Authorlink Writer

Just signed with PCS Literary Agency to represent my manuscript, “Pieces from the Crazy Quilt.” I couldn’t have done it without Authorlink. I cannot thank you enough!

Marvin V. Arnett, Authorlink Writer

I just want to thank you for listing everything I’ve ever sent you. Authorlink is tremendous, and keeps getting better. I’ve been writing since 1965, submitting since 1971, and believe me, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in this cold, unrewarding field. My ultimate dream (getting published without an agent) might very well come true. And if it does, it’s because of your excellent service. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

David Berardelli, Authorlink Writer

I am thrilled at the reaction I am getting from my Authorlink listing.

Marvin Arnett, Authorlink Writer

As of today, I’ve retained an agent for “A Sense of Honor” as a direct result of your service. Thank you and Authorlink so much for helping to make this dream of mine come true. Our next step is to storm the bastions and get Honor on the bookshelves!

Judith Friedl, Authorlink Writer

Authorlink still appears to me to be the best way of reaching the widest interested audience in the publishing world, especially for those of us who live a world away.

Aloha, Sally Sorenson, Authorlink Writer

I am acknowledging receipt of your E-mail regarding the publisher’s request for The Faustian Complex. Needless to say I am delighted and pleasantly surprised about their interest in my work. I am also very grateful to you. Thanks a million.

Kallya Valanis, Authorlink Writer

To say your email made my day would be an understatement! As you instructed, I have just sent an email to the New York agent who requested my work through Authorlink notifying him of the expected delivery date of the manuscript . Thank you for all the support at Authorlink I have already recommended this sight to other writers, and will continue to do so.

Authorlink Writer Sarah Moses-Shupe

I must say that your site is working for me about as well as anything could–because otherwise all I was getting was blank stares.

Anselm Atkins, Authorlink Writer

Signed an agent contract with Elizabeth McHugh for my book, The Palestinian Solution. Authorlink worked for me in 55 days!

Charlie Crone, Autorlink! Writer

The agent who requested my work via Authorlink is mailing me a contract! It’s a big step forward. This has all been well worth the money spent on Authorlink

Dina McCall, Authorlink Writer

What you are doing with Authorlink is very impressive!

Beverly Merson, Project Manager for Marci Shimoff
co-author of the bestseller, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and other “Chicken Soup” titles

Earlier this year, my writing partner and I made the finals in two categories in the Authorlink New Authors Award Competition. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve signed a publishing contract for our entry in the Romance category, “Sweeter Than Wine.” We believe that entering our work in contests such as the one sponsored by Authorlink really opened some doors for us.

Karin Welss, Authorlink Writer

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think Authorlink is. I have only been listed on your website for three months and have had tremendous success. I really became excited when I won the 1998 Authorlink New Author Award for non-fiction. Since the listing on the website, I have received six inquiries on my manuscript, and have signed with an agent. You’ve been great. Thank you for offering such a fantstic service.

Jennifer Badasci, Authorlink Writer

I just thought I’d give you a heads up that I’m signing a contract with Veritas Literary Agency to represent my book, “Search for Harmony.” Also, I will be renewing my lsiting on Authorlink Obviously your site works.

Alan L. Heuer, Authorlink Writer

Thank you so much for the good news. My manuscript will be sent via Express Mail to the agent who requested my work through Authorlink Right now, I am so elated I can scarcely sit still.

Odile Pettit, Authorlink Writer

Every month I visit Authorlink It seems more and more sophisticated. You’ve really done wonders. It’s nice to get encouragement, even if it’s from people I’ve never met. Thanks for your support.

Orest Stelmach

Thank you so much for your fast response, I really appreciate it. I love the idea of Authorlink – it’s a great example of uniting community and computer technology! I do trust the service and will be submitting materials next week.

Rosanna Malcolm, Authorlink Writer

To quote Mel Brooks, ” Keep on doing that voodoo that you do, so well. Just saw the two authors, one a 6 figure, accepted… sigh …there’s a place in heaven for you!

Bob Brown, Authorlink Writer

THANK YOU and everyone who evaluated “Daughter of the Nile.” I’m overwhelmed at being placed in Author’s Showcase. And I can’t yet describe how being chosen as “This Month’s Featured Science Fiction/Fantasy Author” has affected me. Thanks again, Authorlink , for most likely the best opportunity available to show my work

Mary Masters, Authorlink Writer

My book would not be going to print without Authorlink or the agent I found there. You have an excellent service in that you attract agents like Elisabet McHugh.

Eric Winkler, First-time Author

Good News! It’s a done deal! Got the publisher’s contract yesterday (Carol Publishing Group)! You realize that this is ALL your doing. I can’t sing the praises of Authorlink enough.

Linda D. Swink. DTM

I have signed a contract with Roslyn Targ Agency!

Shara Rendell-Smock, Author

Three agents requested my work via Authorlink It only took three days from the moment William Clark of the Vines Agency got his copy to the moment I agreed to have him represent me. It’s good to be hot! Three is indeed the magic number. Your service is three times better than even you think it is!

After mailing unsuccessfully to 30 agents, I listed my work with Authorlink Three agents requested my work and I’ve signed with The Dickens Group Literary Agency.

Marta Hiatt, Ph.D., Author

They told me it couldn’t be done–getting an agent without being published! But I got an agent through Authorlink 24-hours after my book was posted.

Jim Norton

You know how nearly impossible it is to get a literary agent. And how impossible it is to get a publisher. After three weeks on Authorlink , Simon and Schuster has asked for my manuscript!

George Parker-The letters