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Welcome to Authorlink!

To get started using your content, click LOG IN in the top navigation bar.

Type in your ID and password in the top navigation bar on the home page.

Your name will appear on the right in the black navigation bar at the top of the screen.

This black bar will allow you to navigate to various areas of your content.  See the screens below for more procedures.

Log in above search box near the top right of the home page.

Type in your USER NAME and password, click Log in

If your forget your password type your user id to have your password e-mailed to you.


There are two ways to edit your profile:

1. While on the front page, select the MY ACCOUNT button and click on your name.

2. While on the dashboard, hover over your name in the black bar and click EDIT MY PROFILE

Change any information on the resulting ACCOUNT page

Click UPDATE to save (important! You must click UPDATE to save the information)

Change your password, update your Avatar image or change other basic account information. Note: You cannot change your user name.


Log in, click the My Account dropdown and select MY ACCOUNT.

On the left, you should see a list of the products that you have purchased. Select MANAGE MY CONTENT.

Click or check the POST you want to change

EDIT POST appears. Here you can edit the main content (body) of a selected post

Click VIEW POST in the black bar to review your changes.

Click UPDATE near the bottom of your page to save. Important! The information won’t be saved if you don’t click update.

Tip: Shortcut to EDIT ALL CONTENT. From EDIT POST, CLICK VIEW POST, scroll down to: CLICK HERE TO EDIT YOUR POST and don’t forget to UPDATE your changes on the final page.

Type or modify the information you want in your post.  In the lower left corner of the screen you'll see "Featured Image".  Be SURE to click UPDATE to save your changes.


Some of your content can be edited via the dashboard. Other details, like your co-author's name or agent's phone number, needs to be resubmitted from the form.

First log in to your account.

Navigate to the post that you wish to edit. Scroll to bottom of your content and "Click HERE to edit your listing."

Browse through the pages and change any information you want. Remember to resubmit the form to save all your changes.

While viewing your page, scroll to near the bottom and click the link to "Edit My Listing."  Continue through the 5-page sign-up form as shown in subsequent screens below.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to edit your full account.


Here you can edit any content you have input to our system, including passwords, post content, categories and other information.  The only item that can't be changed is your ID.

Scroll through all pages to change your content.  On the last sign-up page be SURE to click UPDATE or your information will NOT be saved.


Navigate to the PREMIUM SERVICES page and select a product of your choice.

After paying for a monthly or yearly subscription (if applicable), navigate to your MY ACCOUNT page from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

A menu on the left will list options available to you depending on the product that you purchased. Most products will have a SUBMIT FORM button.

Follow the instructions provided in the product's TUTORIAL section, or contact a staff member for assistance.



First go to Premium Services on the top navigation bar and choose POST INDIE REVIEWS AND GET GALLEY SERVICE.  If you uploaded a PDF during the sign up process, you will see it on Page 5 of the Sign In/Edit (all content) page. Within 24 workday hours we’ll review your content, secure it in our system, and e-mail you the ID and password to your file, which you can then share with your selected reviewers. Note: The process is NOT immediate. Warning: BEFORE you upload your PDF to Authorlink you must add any desired security settings to the file. Our system provides password-protected access only. Please read our legal page before submitting. In submitting your work to this site you acknowledge the risks. See screens below.

First navigate to PREMIUM SERVICES on the top menu then click SIGN UP TO POST INDIE REVIEW

On the last page of the sign-up process, we’ll ask if you want to participate in our Galley Review Service. Click “YES” on the left near the bottom of the screen. On the right, fill in the title and your e-mail address then CHOOSE the PDF file you wish to be available for book reviewers. Before uploading, to Authorlink you must add any desired security settings and read our legal terms.  Allow 24 business hours for us to securely store  your file on our site and send you the unique ID and Password which you can then send to book reviewers of your choice.



After you upload a PDF of your book to our secure site, we’ll review the content within 24 workday hours and send you the URL location and secure password for your title. You then send the access information to the reviewer of your choice.  Note: Authorlink does not provide reviews of Indie titles at this time. Rather, we provide you the space to promote your book and provide secure access to reviewers.