Editorial Services Directory

Not all editorial services are equally effective. Most directories provide little insight into the actual people behind their businesses as well as their performance. We carefully vet the services listed here. While we don’t guarantee their perfect performance, you can be sure they are professional. Feel free to leave feedback on your experience with them.

Steward Editorial

Any writer or self-publisher who does not seek the services of a good editor engages in self-sabotage. No one wants... View Article

Write Right

www.pennyfletcher.com penny@pennyfletcher.com "Building new writers into publishable pros is my specialty," Penelope Scott Fletcher Author, editor, newspaper columnist As a... View Article

Write Tight, Now!

Our service goes beyond mere corrections of grammar or style. We help you to maximize your connection with the reader.... View Article


YourWriters At YourWriters, we have the one-on-one editorial services to bring out the brilliance in your manuscript. YourWriters.com Susan Mellen... View Article